VIDEO: Inferno destroys two buildings in Rodney Bay

VIDEO: Inferno destroys two buildings in Rodney Bay


Two buildings were destroyed in an early morning fire in Rodney Bay.

The Fire Department received a call about the fire around 4:32 a.m.

Reports are that the buildings housing Matthews Bar and Q Bar were gutted.

One of the buildings is owned by politician Stanley Felix, and the other by a private individual.

Despite several challenges, fire officials were able to contain the fire.

No injuries were reported.








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  1. A laundromat with flammable liquids, a couple bars with rum and all kinds of spirits, a couple kitchens with gas tanks and fatty foods. This was a perfect storm that could have started with a single spark.


    • like really??? hmmm no this is not the movies it doesn't just take a simple spark. the circumstances, conditions or agencies that brings the fuel, ignition source and first fuel ignited is what causes a fire. the mere presence of all what you've listed above doesn't mean anything, for if that were the case you would be expecting fires at gas stations regularly.


  2. not saying much.... Building starting in one of Cherik"s building, ummmmmmm and the rest got caught up in the fire..INSURANCE.. A FIRE STARTING 4.30.. STRANGE.. just a concern citizen wondering what going


  3. thats a little more than two buildings, not too mention the amount of businesses in said buildings i can count five places that were most likely destroyed or badly damaged...Q's Bar , Matthewss, Cookup , The laundromat , Brooklyn's Pizza...the place that used to be Ku De business owners i am sorry for your loss.


  4. It's high time the people of st lucia demand that these politicians disclosed there financial assets!!!


    • So money laundering caused the fire? I know a laundromat was destroyed in the fire Some people say the craziest thing online.


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