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VIDEO: Huge snake discovered at woman’s home in Dennery

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online reporter/editor

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As a new ‘snake video’ has emerged on social media, local wildlife and forestry officials have confirmed that at least two Saint Lucia boa or ‘Tete Chien’ snakes have been “rescued” from two residences in Bois Jolie, Dennery over the past three weeks. (SEE VIDEO BELOW STORY)

In the two-minute video, a wildlife official struggles with the ‘strong’ reptile briefly while before placing it in a bag.

A woman is heard in the video commenting on how large the reptile is.

Officials told St. Lucia News Online on Sunday that “this boa was rescued from a [Patsy’s] residence in Bois Jolie, Dennery on April 16, 2019 at around 9:30 a.m”

The snake was first spotted on the bottom floor of the building by a young boy, who then alerted his grandmother, Patsy, officials said.

Residents then called the Forestry Division, and Senior Wildlife Protection Officer Pius Haynes and Wildlife Field Assistance Stephen Lesmond responded, officials further disclosed.

“Dennery, including Bois Jolie where it was found, constitutes the natural range of the Saint Lucia boa,” Haynes told St. Lucia News Online.

According to the officials, about one or two chickens have been reported missing from the yard, and the snake is suspected of eating them.

The fruit trees in the area, particularly “ripening” mango and cashew trees, are also behind the increase in the number of snakes in the area as the reptiles are hunting the chickens, birds and rodents that feed off these trees, officials said.

The Saint Lucia boa, non-venomous and the largest of four snake species on the island, is protected by law under the Saint Lucia Wildlife Protection Act, Chapter 6.03 of 1980, officials said.

Chief Forestry Officer Alfred Prospere told St. Lucia News Online on Sunday that he personally removed another boa from under a cashew tree on the residence of a prominent government official in Bois Jolie, Dennery —  about one week after the Pasty-residence discovery.

Viral videos of snakes had alsoemerged in January and February this year. A boa was removed from the WASCO site in Union.

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