VIDEO: Fortuna Belrose outlines vision for Castries East

VIDEO: Fortuna Belrose outlines vision for Castries East
Belrose. * UWP photo
Belrose. * UWP photo

United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Castries East, Fortuna Belrose, has major plans for the constituency and is keen on making them a reality, if elected the new Member of Parliament (MP).

Belrose, who was launched on Sunday in Entrepot, told a large audience of UWP supporters that she is focused on getting the job done, because there is a lot to be done to improve Castries East.

The former public servant said there is need for less talk and more action and she is prepared to take over the driver’s seat, and lead the constituency to a brighter future.

Belrose said she has listened to the people and as such, have come up with a plan to help place the constituency in a direction that will lead to equal opportunities for all.

“We want to see every child raised in a household with access to their own toilet facilities. We want to see every child raised in a community, where there is a safe space to play and have fun,” she said.

The UWP candidate also spoke about the elderly and vulnerable being able to access the community and health services available to them, with ease.

* UWP photo
* UWP photo

“We want to see all the residents of this constituency, who are unable to provide their daily meals, being catered for. We want to see model housing for citizens, particularly those living below the poverty line. And we want to a constituency where sports, arts and theatre are key contributors to the economic livelihood and improved healthy lifestyles for people,” she said.

Belrose also revealed plans to build a synthetic track at the Marchand Grounds that will encourage youth in Castries East and beyond to get involved in track and field.

She said she welcome the initiative to install flood lights at the ground which was placed there in 2014.

Belrose served under nine administrations in the Ministries of Youth and Sport, Local Government, Education and National Security.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Education from the City University of New York.

She is also the regional vice president (Caribbean) for the Commonwealth Games Federation and president of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee Inc.

Below is Belrose’s full speech and campaign song that was introduced at the recent UWP rally:

This youth stole the show on Sunday. * UWP photo
This youth stole the show on Sunday. * UWP photo
*UWP photo
*UWP photo

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  1. This one is very good with words, but she is just another alleged power hungry person!
    She thought Youth and Sports was her Kingdom until age gave her a reality check, she tried to come back in many different ways, now this is her new plan to come and make the lives of other's miserable she and her clan! Good Luck! Ti Croix will grow on your ball head.


    • Not even the detractors from the SLP believe that crap. She is a strong woman! We in Castries East embrace our "Good Fortune" in Mrs. Belrose.


  2. This woman will make a difference, come what may...It is very refreshing to have a woman of her calibre involved in the political landscape...Keep fighting for the people Fortuna. Well done!!


  3. What is it that I can see and feel in the country that other people cannot. Let's be honest people. Backtrack and tell me exactly when things get so bad in the country. Is this the country we knew 10, 8, 6, 4, years ago. Can't we see things are drastically wrong. What's has happened in the city in the last 5 years than businesses closing down. Take a look at Brazil Street, Blue Coral Mall, St. Louis Street, etc.
    When did the first bank closed it's doors in St Lucia and how many has since closed. RBTT Gable woods, South Branch, Royal Bank on the Boulevard, etc.


  4. Action speaks louder than words. BUT THIS WAS A GOOD SPEECH !! let's see whats on the next page.


  5. Mrs. Belrose talked of her plans for my constituency , but she does not say how it will be done or how the funding will come in light of the Party leader promise to reduce and Take away VAT.


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