VIDEO: Chopping incident in Piaye caught on camera

VIDEO: Chopping incident in Piaye caught on camera
A video still image of the chopping. The victim is on the ground.

capture-20151122-135127A video of man chopping a man mercilessly on a main road in southern Saint Lucia has been published on social media.

Reports are that the video is that of an incident that occurred on Saturday night (Nov. 21) when a young male, known so far as Martin, was chopped multiple times by another male in Piaye, Laborie.

The incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. The male was hospitalised but his condition is unknown at this time. It is not yet clear if the attacker, who reportedly fled the scene, was caught and arrested.

Martin reportedly sustained defensive wounds to his arm, including a partially severed ‘pinky finger’.

In the 16-second video obtained by St. Lucia News Online, a male is seen chopping another male, who is on the ground trying to block the blows with his arms. He eventually got to his feet but the attacker continued to rain blows on him with a machete.

Three barking dogs surrounded the duo amid the sound of screams from an unseen female, heard in the background. A third person intervened, seemingly in an effort to rescue the victim.

A black vehicle slowed almost to a stop alongside the two men during the chopping.

A male could be seen watching the incident from a balcony.

The video was published on Instagram and Facebook.

The Laborie Police Station has confirmed that the incident occurred but could not provide further information.



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  1. Good God!!!
    I thought that South Africa is a violent country, but I think that we are calm and collective. This video is Sooooo shocking, that I am struggling to calm down after the shock of watching it.


  2. What has the world became. People have no regardfor the life of others. ItIt's ggood to see a vvideo and how or what haphappened but instead of filming can we as human try to help others in such situations.


  3. U mean to tell me that not on person could have gotten a bottle or something to throw at the guy? Come on people put down the cell phones and start being reactive.


  4. wow i can`t bring myself to watch it ... am black am not sure what does my skin colour has to do with my heart or me being kind to another person..... why didn`t you call out for help or try to reach out to the man to intervene .... this is really sad people why is there always some chopping or killing has it gone out of style now to try to resolve issues or we are just on a self destructive mode that we can`t even think straight any more.... I hope they charge the one video taping this unless he made a call out to the police to help this guy out


  5. Firstly a man drowns in bexon whilst people simply video tape and look on now this. I remember of a time not in the distant past when people would have risked limb to stop such a thing. We in st lucia have become heartless, we watch other people fall to their deaths whilst we pick the newly found toy, the camera/ smart phone.

    We need to stop this trend, stop selling out our souls to the devil for the price of a cell phone or a picture, as if to say hiding behind a camera makes us any braver than the average coward. We need to retrieve the positive things that defines us as a people, let us be our brothers keeper.

    This is most ev


  6. Savage bush chimps, who were recently released from the plantation, so be expected to behave this way. Rum rum rum , we drinking we rum.rum.rum. party party party, rum, woman and rum.


  7. how can u stop someone wit a cutlass collins cant u see the guy was swaying left and right wit the cutlass in the vid ...and btw the vid is use for evidence for everyone to see how some of us lucians have no heart


  8. I got a message for toat watching you chopping my uncle and your dogs attacking him too you cannot even defend himself when I come to st lucia I'm coming for you toat you will get the same treatment so you will know What's it feel like when you cannot defend yourself and getting choped up left right and center


    • What did your uncle do? He is not an innocent victim. You know very well the kind of vile creature your uncle is. Nonsense. Toat will only be caught when he is ready to turn himself in.


    • you need to stop with this buddy this is not the place and time for this.... there are many ways to resolve this and trying to show you tough and want to do the same thing wont take away the fact that he is an evil man unless you want people to think or believe you`re evil i guess go ahead ......


      • People are entitled to their opinions, as are you. This is a forum where I'm free to voice my opinions. I speak what I know. If you don't like it...........

        Do you know either of them? Well I know both. Do you realise his nephew didn't respond? He knows his uncle very well. Also, where in my comment does it say or insinuate me showing I'm tough and want to do the same thing?!??

        Today is not evil. He simply let his anger get the best of him which is unfortunate. By the way, with his skill with a gutless, he obviously wasn't out to kill Martin as he got more pas coutla than anything.


  9. This country is as loose as a whore. Everyone does anything he/she wants without answering to anyone. Even live stabbings are allowed for our kids to see.


  10. We call him heartless , I wonder what the one who seem to be the victim did. Y'all quick fast and in a hurry to talk nonsense , all garbage but yall don't take a moment to think of what would cause this man to want to chop somebody up so brutally. But is always the one with the gun or the knife we view as the bad one. Do not get me wrong there are better ways to resolving these situations other than the knife , gun , etc but shut up and find out what happened because no man will just stay deh and say I chopping jack until he dies.


    • I agree with you 100% but do you think that taking a cutless and chopping someone will resolve what he did tell me does that make the person who doing this act any better than the one who iniatially commited the first act .... what you saying is that you`re agreeing with what he did but ..... listen wrong is wrong there is no way you can change that but if you want to resolve a situation you can`t go out with violence killing and treating each other that way .... there is no way this act will make things better if anything he`s just opened up a can of worms .... we need to be the change we want buddy and stop making excuses for violence hatred .... its a legacy that we need to erase out of our lives....


  11. No one can stop a demon possessed person from doing such an act except the Almighty. Pray for them. Talk to them. Love them!


    • Wow....that escalated to demon possesion REAL quick...Where that coming in? How are you able to judge that and say so.... #sigh #holierthanthou #youneedtopray


  12. Images like that should be censored to protect the young. That would never be allowed on public US or UK TV. What is government doing to disallow violence and vulgar languages from being publicized on public media sources ?


  13. What is the point of posting this video? This is just click bate... SNO could have just submitted this video to the police to catch the perpetrator... We are so insensitive some times why post something so graphic... will it help stop crime... This is just desensitizing us from the graphic nature of these incidents... Today we say "I catch watch this video" tomorrow we call it "graphic and hard to watch" the day after we say "boy that chopping was brutal" the day after that we yawn and say "another chopping"... desensitization done ...we care just a bit less about brutal crimes.


  14. Black men, we can do better.
    Black Lucian women are getting their education on and some of us Black Lucian men are falling by the way-side in such criminal acts.

    I hope the savage in the video get to put away for a very very very long-time.


  15. Here we go again rather than calling the police the phone is being used to record for Facebook what is going on in Lucia. We need to pray more


  16. all the crimes being committed in st.lucia shud be video thatd the only way we get the culprits in they mother .......


  17. Whereas it may seem "heartless" to tape and post such videos, perhaps they may prove helpful in identifying the perpetrator when others/eyewitnesses will not speak.


  18. Who talk about the dog s sorry to say the owner of the dogs were the 1 doin the choppin. An yo b clear them dog will defend him in any to protect him so the dog were actually helpin him