UPDATED: CCTV clips reveal Vieux Fort accident; victim identified

UPDATED: CCTV clips reveal Vieux Fort accident; victim identified

(St. Lucia News Online)
— Two CCTV video clips that show a motorcyclist seconds before, and when, he collided head-on with a minibus in Vieux Fort town on Tuesday afternoon, August 11 has been uploaded on social media. The accident occurred in front of True Value Building & Hardware Supplies Ltd. store.

An emergency official said the motorcyclist, 25-year-old Andy Jn Baptiste, alias Taco, sustained serious injuries and was transported to St. Jude Hospital by ambulance. It is not known if anyone on the bus sustained injuries.

The accident occurred at 3:25 p.m., according to CCTV footage.

A 31-second video shows an ambulance driving pass True Value as a pickup van turns right, immediately after.

About four seconds after that, the video shows the motorcycle, on the opposite side of the highway, moving at a high rate of speed. It barely avoided hitting the back of the pickup.

This video does not actually show when the bike collided with the minibus, however, it was obvious that something had happened, as 13 seconds into the 31-second clip, several employees of True Value began running towards the road.

In the other video, which is 16 seconds, it shows the motorcyclist colliding head-on with the bus.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online: “The bike man tried to avoid hitting the rear of the pickup truck and ended up in the lane of the bus which was travelling in the opposite direction. No doubt the fella on the bike was speeding, but to avoid running into the back of the van which was just coming out of True Value and which was in his direction, he moved over to the lane in which the bus was travelling and crashed into the bus.”

A number of videos showing the aftermath of the accident have been published on social media.

One of those videos shows the motorcyclist lying on the road inside the wreckage of the minibus as his motorcyclist lies nearby.



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