VIDEO: Calls for schoolboy to be recognised for separating fight

VIDEO: Calls for schoolboy to be recognised for separating fight
A video-still image of the fight.
A video-still image of the fight.

A number of persons on social media have recommended that a male student, who was instrumental in separating a fight between two adult males in a viral video recorded in Castries, should be recognised for his effort.

They said he put his safety on the line while most of the adult onlookers watched and some encouraged the fight.


The video, which is one minute and 20 seconds long, was uploaded on Facebook on December 3, and has garnered over 20,557 views at the time of publishing this article.

It has been alleged that the two men fighting in the video were drunk.

At the beginning of the video, the student, wearing a red knapsack and light blue shirt, moved closer to the fight, which was being separated by an adult male, who was wearing a cap and sunglasses.

However, the schoolboy intervened directly after the first peacemaker stopped to pick up his cap and the two men fell in the middle of the road on Jeremie Street.

At this time, a truck began to honk its horn but the schoolboy signaled briefly for the driver to be patient.

The schoolboy continued in his attempt to separate the fight as adult onlookers laughed and recorded the incident with their cell phones.

About 39 seconds into the video, the man wearing the cap, who tried to part the fight in the beginning, resumed his efforts, but this was short-lived as another adult pulled him away.

From there, the schoolboy was tried to make a separation as both men tussle on the ground.

Towards the end of the video, several adults, including a woman who slapped one of the fighters in the head while repeatedly saying “stop it, stop it gasa”, joined in assisting the schoolboy to successfully separate the fighters.

The video, posted on popular Facebook group, St. Lucians Aiming For Progress (SLAPS), attracted mixed reactions from members.

Most posters applauded the student, believed to be from Entrepot, for his efforts, while expressing concern that adults were encouraging the fight and some did nothing to help.

“It is so sad that the adults were encouraging the fight while the teenager was attempting to put peace. Great example, adults, a bunch of morons,” one poster said.

Below are some of the (unedited) comments posted on SLAPS as well as the video.

“It is a shame that this kid put his safety on the line to stop the fight while all these grownups are there thinking that this is entertainment.”

“Looks like the parents acting like children, and the student acting like an adult. Good lawd, there is hope for our youths!”

“YOU mean to tell me every body have a phone tapeing this crap instead of separating the guys the young men is the first to try and do something what’s this world coming to.”

“That’s what technology have become? Instead of separating the fight ppl are busy video taping to be the next FB, Twitter, Instagram STAR.”

“Great Job to this student..”

“That’s a fine young man.”

“It is good to know that there are young men like him, all is not lost. I am happy he did not come to harm. How brave.”

“Shame on the adults.. although some appeared to be just as drunk.. sad

“it had to take the student to initiate the separation of these 2 fighters, while the adults stood by. Good job young man.”


“This young man just instilled some hope in me… Our youth are not totally gone after all….. ON A LIGHTER NOTE: that hesalop moment had me cracking up, everyone was in sync ,It’s like an anthem for lucians…”


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  1. I am not saying that what he did was not admirable, but maybe he was separating the fight because he personally knew one of the individuals fighting?

    Notwithstanding, he could have walked away, but chose to help. Shows a loving and kind heart. My boy, do not change. Continue growing with that love in your heart.


  2. Out in the market place, two grown men are making an ass of themselves rolling on the ground, hits the limelight - whilst adult spectators look on with glee! A youth attempted to pull them part. What examples are being set for our youth!

    What a topsy turvy world we are now live in - the stupidity of adults - their lack self-control goes unchecked by other adults until a child exerts his authority to bring this debacle under control!

    Instead of patting this young man on the back - how about adults hold on to the rein of adulthood and conduct themselves for the youth to emulate!

    Don’t be surprise when then YOUTHS do not see elders as having anything to offer them in terms of morals, standards or wisdom!


  3. So lets do something about it!
    We all got the text.
    Online Nominations:


  4. On 24 November, LIME sent me a message on my cell phone with this link for Online Nominations for National Awards:
    So he deserves recognition?
    I totally agree!
    How many of us have taken the steps to make sure he gets that recognition?
    Talk. All we do is talk.
    Using this article - I am off to make sure he gets on the list.
    What are the rest going to do!?


  5. Great job young man. You have made us proud. I am encouraged, there is hope for our young men. You are a leader. To the grown ups who should be leading by example, let this be a lesson to you. To the other grown ups who did the right and responsible thing, I say well done.

    Too often we turn a blind eye or we turn our cameras on to get a video of the action instead of calling out for peace or help. We have become an uncaring society and some want to blame today's youth.

    We the Adults of today are to be blamed for what society has become. We have lost our values, our discipline.
    Let's start once again first from the home, prayer in our schools. Let's us go back to church on a Sunday with our families. Let's bring back the clubs, sports. Girl guides, brownies, scouts, cadets, youth Groups in the churches
    Oh thank you young man. Be careful though try not to put yourself at risk


  6. I just want to say that I was brought to tears when I saw the actions of the young lad(school)..who with all bravery thought of himself in trying to put peace....I believe that there are young lads like him and there is hope that st.lucia could return to its peaceful state .....I commend you young man...all the youth are not lost..continue to be a shining example for all those who come in contact with you.......last but not least...I strongly believe that you were well raised and I commend your parents or whoever gave you your upbringing.....


  7. What a fine young man. You separated the fight with such dignity and calmness - dont know your plans for your future but I am sure whatever path you choose you will do well. I wish you well young man.




  9. Wow! This gives me hope that not all our youth have gone astray. Good job young man! Children teaching the adults. I haven't seen this story on television, hope it's reported there. Hope some more attention is given to this, just like we do when something bad happens.


  10. Reward the youth . Give him the opportunity to become a cop, if his record remains clean among other things.


  11. What impressed me is the lack of fuss but decisiveness with which he moved to stop the fight. This boy was well raised and is no coward. Bravo young man!!!


  12. Its amazing how people stand around and let two individuals fight and are entertained by it. With all the stupid laws we have in this country its time one is passed where a person recording such, and does nothing to help, is put in jail for a day


    • You're a moron right. Do you know who has what weapons. Why put yourself in harms way stupidly. Perhaps you should volunteer next time.


      • i was thinking if those guys had weapons if this young man wud intervene.....i also wonder if this lad knows those two guys? but i am also happy he separated them tho


  13. I could not believe the 'animals" saying let them fight! just for their own entertainment. they gave not a damn about the two guys. just wanted their entertainmnet. Again there is so much in the mentality of those people that i can never understand. no empathy from bystanders. and the fat woman who appear to be a busy body busy taking video. while your man horning you left right and center i hope you take your video too. kudos to the young boy. he is a gentleman. the type that can contribute to building our country without the "veiux negres".


  14. I feel happy that the young school man stepped in with the help of the other man.... its sad to see how adults are behaving these days am wondering whats going on in this world I felt embarrassed watching this video and there is no way shape or form this can be acceptable as a human being and adult clearly you guys were drunk and who knows that may lead into another fight one we are tired of hearing on the news each day.... people start to love yourselves and then your neighbours ... we are fighting for all the wrong reasons we need to start back with a place of peace and love


  15. Good example demonstrated by this young man, hope others follow suit to help stop senseless violence in all forms.


  16. So many Grown persons ...and this young man Step Up ... Instead of video tapping ... Well Done Youngster .....


  17. I agree, he should be recognized. Kudos to you young man. Whereas you could have joined the wanna be paparazzi you decided t put your life at risk, to curb a potentially dangerous situation.
    His mom should be proud.


  18. hats off to all who help stop that fight the calmness of the school boy..keep up the good work you all!!


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