VIDEO: Businesswoman irked at police response to burglary

VIDEO: Businesswoman irked at police response to burglary
A video showing the bandits clearing a desk of several items.
A video showing the bandits clearing a desk of several items.
A video showing the bandits clearing a desk of several items.

A local businesswoman has expressed disappointment at the manner in which the police handled a recent burglary at her business located on the Bexon Highway.

The co-owner of Plastic Solution Limited, who asked not to be named, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Tuesday that her business was burglarized on Sunday, August 28, 2016 around 11:40.p.m.

She said that the bandits used a crowbar to break open the doors to her business, even though a security guard was on location at the time of the incident.

“They went directly to the safe and took about $5,000 in there. They took a computer monitor, and a few little items that they could have put their hands on,” she told SNO.

The businesswoman said the security guard claims that he saw when the bandits entered the premises, but he went into hiding, afraid that they would hurt him because he was unarmed.

She discovered that the place was burglarized the next morning after showing up for work.

The security guard claims his phone had no credit and he could not call to inform anyone.

The police were called in to investigate.

They were provided with video footage and promised to return to analyse it.

“We have gone to them on a number of occasions. They told us that the officer (dealing with this case) is working the night shift and when he gets the time he will contact us. It’s two weeks that we haven’t heard from them,” the woman complained.

But this is not the only problem that has struck the Bexon business in the past few weeks.

She told SNO that her business was presented with a fake cheque which has cost her company thousands of dollars.

According to her, someone had called and placed an order for $11,581 worth of plastic bags. Having recognized that its a first time customer, they requested a manger’s cheque.

The fake cheque that was given to the company on September 19, 2016.
The fake cheque that was given to the company on September 19, 2016.

“An employee decided to take the order and went on the delivery. Someone called and asked him to drop the order close to Green Parot at the Morne and gave him the cheque (purportedly) in First National Bank’s name.”

Once the cheque was deposited, the bank contacted the business the next day, informing her that it was fake.

“We took the cheque to the police station and they said they cant do anything about it and the bank too said they cant do anything about,” the businesswoman lamented.

The distressed woman said it is upsetting to know that someone in need of police assistance need to beg the police to execute their duties.

The businesswoman is calling on the Commissioner of Police Severin Moncherry and the Minister of National Security Hermangild Francis to investigate ranks that are delinquent in executing their duties.


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  1. I have a similar story to tell, someone broke into my home, stole basically everything, I complained to the police, they did nothing. I told them who it was, as a neighbor ( who did not want to get involved - typically) saw the person leaving the premises, the thief then sold the electronics to others in our community, easily identifiable etc, When CID/Forensics did turn up they said that they could not do fingerprints as they didnt have the dust with them! They just couldn't be bothered!


  2. Imagine you walk in on those boys with a licensed 357 magnum and surprise them with some serious shots to the appendages thus rendering them useless for further criminal activity, I bet the so called police would be all over you like flies on shit...


  3. Reminds me of my experience with the CID police officers last year when my nieces bicycle was stolen , I made a report,I gave the investigating officer the individuals name,address and phone number. Nothing was done. I contacted the sergeant at CID, Nothing was done. I contacted an ACP about the matter; Nothing was done. . I did all the investigations myself, the guy admitted he had the bike I told the police all of this.Still nothing was done. However had i taken the law into my hands and went to "GET" the bike I would have been arrested for some bullshit reason.
    Eventually i had to just forget about the bicycle because my freedom is worth more than $500.00 The Royal St.Lucia Police Force is a waste of time and money.


  4. The police should not get involved in such a foolish transaction. First, you dealt with a new customer over the phone. Secondly, you allow your goods to be delivered at no fixed address, and thirdly you allow a driver to collect a cheque for which he knows nothing about.
    In a case like that, when police cannot help you, you must contact persons from the underworld to help you. That way, you get better results than going to the police.


  5. The island needs to wake up big time. It must live in accordance with the times. Committed public servants are badly needed to effect badly change.


  6. Issuing a fake cheque is a crime. If the supplier has a receipt for the delivery and checked the identity of the buyer she has to get a police report and take a lawyer to bring the crook to court. Issuing cheques without funds is a crime. Forging a cheque is even a bigger crime.


  7. I feel your pain, just remind me of my situation last year when my home was broken into, and all my electronics and valuables they could find was stolen .The hurtful part is dealing with the police the officer in charge with my matter deliberately had me walking up and down At the CID office for about a year knowing that he has no intention in investigating the matter. Even when he was provided with all information in tracking down the perpetrator.I had sufficient as to the locations of my items but no hope . My stolen mobile phone was being used by the individual for months, what apps was even added to my phone.The officer was provided with all calls made to the phone and calls made from the phone for months and yet still every time I go to Check him at CID I was told to come back giving me excuses upon excuses that makes no sense. After a while you realize nothing will come out of it and just give up instead of putting your self in harms way. In reality our police force is just a place where some people look forward to their monthly salary for doing nothing except reporting to work.


  8. This story speaks of a business person who for some reason, seemed to have been surprised at the size of the order. How can you detect that the buyer was a first time (new) customer, and yet, dispatched your worker to make an off site delivery while accepting a manager's check. I think the business woman should be more vigilant in dealing with the public while transacting sales. Someone making such a buy, should not have had a problem in sending their agent to the point of sale, particularly in the case of new accounts. In so doing one can establish confidence in each other, and protection from such unwarranted incidences.
    I must say that this was a very bad judgement call an the part of this business. Lets hope others learn from such unfortunate incidents.


  9. Shame on the people that supposed to protect us. That's for real. well mr. Minister you have your hands full.


  10. St.lucia is a backward country, More things change more they stay the same. The police is a joke and now they not getting assistance for USA. They are all useless. Even if they apprehend anyone (which is rare) the court system will give them a slap on the wrist. It's almost as if they begging you to take the law in your own hands. Do what many have done, if you can get out of this mess. TAKE FLIGHT !! Not even a miracle could save poor Helen. smh.


    • You are a joke. You have no idea what benefits you have living in St Lucia. I get the frustration, but you don't have to pull down the whole country. We live in one of the best places in the world.


  11. "The security guard claims his phone had no credit and he could not call to inform anyone."

    You do not need credit on your phone to call emergency numbers such as 911 or 999.


  12. had u killed one of them .u would have gotten police assistance to arrest you? a bunch of idiots.


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