Vide Boutielle Secondary School gets ICT assistance

Vide Boutielle Secondary School gets ICT assistance

The Vide Boutielle Secondary School has been presented with three more laptops under a Free School-child Laptop pilot program being initiated by Regional Communications Limited, the local manufacturer of Cellestial branded tablets.

These laptops were awarded to deserving students and according to a press release, are part of Cellestial’s commitment to supporting and encouraging ambitious students at the institution.

As a pilot body, the Vide Boutielle Secondary School was issued computers for testing among students. The recent donation signaled an end to the two-term adoption program, which will move to another Vide Boutielle school.

Director of Operations at Regional Communications Limited Marcia Charles has underscored the importance of technology in learning.

“Advancements in technology have undoubtedly enhanced the learning process, and Regional Communications is happy to facilitate students’ access to this new age learning through its school adoption initiative”.

Principal of the school Catherine Inglis-Leon was pleased for the donation.






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  1. Lol llol at this rate, every child would have graduated by the time this laptop for every child program. Their children might be the ones to get the laptops, and of course they would be way outdated by then.


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