Victorin gets emotional while revealing his vision for Anse La Raye/Canaries

Victorin gets emotional while revealing his vision for Anse La Raye/Canaries
John Victorin addressing an SLP meeting on Sunday.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) managed to attract a large crowd on Sunday for the launch of their Anse La Raye/Canaries candidate, John Victorin, a former national youth leader.

Victorin arrived for the meeting with a large motorcade, as the crowd burst into cheers and shouted words like “Victory for Victorin” and “We voting Labour.”

The SLP candidate was then ushered onto the stage, with his family and greeted by his colleagues of the ruling party, including Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

However, about five minutes into addressing the large gathering, Victorin had some difficulty and requested a drink of water. He stopped soon after and was seen being encouraged by his colleagues.

The Prime Minister was seen wiping the young candidate’s face with the use of a rag, while other SLP stalwarts, including Alva Baptiste and Alvina Reynolds, were seen embracing him.

The mistress of ceremony, Communications Director of the SLP, Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel, took over and said he must be overwhelmed because he is speaking from the heart.

She requested the candidate’s theme song, Bob Marley’s ‘Don’t worry about a thing.’

On returning to the platform, Victorin told the gathering that his body “gave up, “hence the reason why he couldn’t go on. He continued reading his prepared speech for the SLP supporters.

He spoke about several major plans he has for the constituency and emphasized that for too long, Anse La Raye/ Cannaries has been a victim of stereotype, saying he wants to bring an end to this.

Victorin told SLP supporters that if elected the next MP for the constituency, he would work hard to bring about major transformation, which includes helping to create employment opportunities.

Further, he wants to help establish a farmer’s cooperative, which will hopefully help farmers to see a reduction in the cost of inputs and improve accessibility to markets.

Victorin also promised to ensure that community infrastructure, including roads and community centres are improved and that Anse La Raye/Canaries gets its own fire station.

Another major plan, the SLP candidate said he would like to introduce, is to expand housing opportunities for constituents, which will empower them to develop themselves.

Victorin said he plans to ensure that the constituency is no longer left out on development.

He will be contesting the seat against United Workers Party (UWP) candidate Dominic Fedee.

The large gathering at SLP's rally in Anse La Raye.
The large gathering at SLP’s rally in Anse La Raye.

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  1. Reading some of these comments, I think some St lucians are heartless. Let us put politics on a side just for a second. Don't you think you all are lacking empathy and education.? These kind of emotion can happen to anyone. Let us be careful with the words that come out from our mouths. Don't allow politics to put hatred into you all hearts. Fight and stand up for your children and families not politicians who next day become best buddies.


  2. Will victorin win ... most probably but yet again nothing will be done for the Anse la Raye/ Canaries constituency. Same shit, different year. Kenny knows its a sure win and got a pushover who the people like. Kenny will say jump and he will say how high. Not once under kennys government has he ever given a ministry to them. Its pathetic seeing the no job, no contract shanty living people by the road quarrel for politicians that dont even know they exist until the next elections. All these idiots are the same.


  3. The man got emotional because he can't speak, not even the speech prepared for him omg........what a joke.


  4. He probably gave second thoughts to presenting some empty promises. He looked at the crowd so full of promise when he looked at his heart he saw there was none. His boss still have the people looking for jobs, jobs, jobs and 1oo million dollars which he said that they have given to themselves through their own taxes. Lol, a bunch of jokers leading poor sheep.


  5. I was present he wasn't emotional he was panicking. He made a mistake in pronunciation and froze up. The man was full on shell shocked. He is not ready to lead anything and didnt believe in what was written for him.


    • Lol lol I share the same view. The man didnt realise what he was getting himself into until he faced the crowd. I dont think I will hear from him anytime soon.


  6. I.hv no doubt that KDA n labour will in elections. We lucians like to suffer and also we like ro ro. KDA have us suffering already (elderly hv to now pat property tax, inflation, no ecomic growth, high unemployment among youth, suicide, rape need i continue). Helen Air, Frenwall, Rochamel, Grynberg, now Juffali. All of dem ro ro. SMH. We will remain poor and suffer, whiles Kenny and his associates living large.
    All that violence in the city and not a word from Stanly Felix, not a signle solution from Youth minister and social transformation minister. All dem talk about is concrete roads dem build with Taiwanese money. Even LPM can do that. SMFH


  7. Haha I remember my first public speaking gig when I was a child..I got a little teary eyed up there too. Im pretty sure it was just nerves not some sinister plot to steal your children.

    That aside the farmers cooperative is a good idea, odd that it hadnt been done. I hope he gives some clarity on how he intends to set it up and a reasonble time frame.

    The next idea I found interesting is making residential land available at affordable prices for the anse la raye people. Ambicious, but not a bad idea at all.

    There should really be a forum where each candidate can voice thier ideas and vision so the color blind can make an informed decision.


  8. Um so which one is it? His body giving up or because he was reading "from the heart".. Yo pere


  9. He must have seen victory and that possessed him for a while. Tears of joy ! Victory for Vic.


  10. I feel for that young man; his nerves got the best of him. Although he had
    a prepared speech written for him, but when one is not accustomed to
    public speaking, you can freeze up in a hurry. That's his first exposure to
    his own people, how embarrassing. How would he do in a debate with Fedee
    and on live T.V. how would he conduct himself under pressure in the 'House'?


  11. Victory for Victorin. ...... this was Tears of Joy.......... He will win his seat handsomely ........... Fedee better go and hide his Guyaneze Face. We voting for a grass roots man son of the soil.


    • But didn't y'all vote for so called grass roots Cyprian lansiquot? Where is he now? What did he do? Canaries will forever be the most backwards community because of the mentality there. Sad


  12. He realised it was a mountain they gave him to climb. By the time he looked up he realised he would burn very early. Hence the reason his body gave up early.

    That says alot - empty promises


  13. Things arr better so he can get emotional because he is so happy, now his wife can walk as if she own the ministry.......


  14. "A vision without a plan is called hallucination". Let's not be fooled with pie-in-the -sky ideas. All this emotional play acting is just good for an OSCAR Hollywood award.

    We know when our candidates are just clowns and simpletons, when their visions are not concretely represented in their party's manifesto. Even then that is no guarantee for fruition of those plans. Why?

    "A vision without a plan is called hallucination".


  15. Hahaha... he feeling the licks coming for him. I would've given up too if i were in his place.


  16. So Ms Communications Sec., those speakers that havent yet cried, where are they speaking from? The A#$??


  17. What do you mean that mate get emotional!
    Just like the Labour Party now that Sarah winning Central, mate get a caca glo!

    Voters finally realize that Labour cannot ever give us growth after less that 1% GDP increases for 14years!

    Labour has been exposed as opportunists


  18. cop out. It seems he is the only candidate who spoke from the heart. Victorin just start to shame SLP. Remember in the first place he indicated to the team he was not interested in running for the seat.


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