Victoria Hospital receives 19 wheelchairs (+video)

Victoria Hospital receives 19 wheelchairs (+video)

(PRESS RELEASE) — The management of Victoria Hospital was recently presented with a donation of wheelchairs, thanks to the generosity of M&C Drugstore.

The wheelchairs are expected to assist with transporting patients around the hospital.

Officer in Charge/Medical Director of the Victoria hospital, Dr. Alisha Eugene, says her organization is very pleased with the timely donation and believes it will play a significant part in the public health system.

“These wheelchairs, the donation is needed, it is timely and is appropriate. And, as you know and if you look at the topography of this present structure, we need the wheelchairs to move patients from departments to another and up and down the hill. So, the wear and tear on the wheelchairs is something that happens regularly and we always need more wheelchairs to allow us to move patients as the patient load increases.”

Minister for Health and Wellness, Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac expressed gratitude to the M&C drugstore and says this donation will provide great assistance in the health sector.

“We really appreciate this effort that you have made to keep us in your thoughts when you were looking at allocating these request and gifts to the different sectors of our society. As you know this is very far-reaching in that we sometimes have people leaving here who need a wheelchair to go with. So, I am hoping we will also be able to do this with at least a few of the wheelchairs.”

General Manager of M&C Drugstore Fredericka Joseph-Leon says her organization is very pleased that they can contribute to a part of Saint Lucia’s health needs.

“Of late, there has been a noticeable increase in letters for health aid and so when the opportunity arose to collaborate with a business partner of ours to actually get 19 wheelchairs to Saint Lucia, my heart saw it and was so happy. One can only imagine the logistics involved in getting those wheelchairs to the person most in need and so after consultation with my team, I decided the best people who could best handle this would be the people at the Victoria Hospital.”

A total of 19 wheelchairs were donated to the Victoria hospital.


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