Victoria Hospital promotes 20 staff nurses

Victoria Hospital promotes 20 staff nurses


PRESS RELEASE – On Wednesday December 28th Management and Staff of the Victoria Hospital celebrated the promotion of twenty nursing staff to the positions of staff nurse level 2, 3, and ward sister.

These promotions which were about two years in the making came as a welcomed new year’s booster to the nursing staff.

Departmental Sister in the Surgical Unit, Selma Burke offered words of congratulations to the nurses alongside senior management of Victoria Hospital.

“They are well deserved promotions. They have been working very hard and we appreciate that.”

She said though the nurses have performed creditably and worked hard over the years, more is expected of them with these new promotions.


Newly promoted Staff Nurse 3, Amanda Lucien stated that these promotions serve to motive the nursing staff and also demonstrates that management of the Victoria Hospital recognizes the hard work put in by the nurse. She also had words of encouragement to her newly promoted colleagues.

“Just continue the hard work and never give up.”

The Victoria Hospital has a nursing complement of close to two hundred nurses. This number will expand as the Victoria Hospital transitions to the Owen King EU Hospital.


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  1. congratulations to the nurses who got promoted. thanks for the good work. keep it up.
    i hope you get the new hospital in 2017.


  2. They got promoted..... i hope that they give professional care and love to the patients and their family. It is not about the money, hope that the supervisors keep them in check. I will be looking..... GOOD LUCK


    • And who is keeping the supervisors and the supervisors' supervisors in check? Therein lies the problem.


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