Victoria Hospital nurses accused of neglecting pregnant woman

Victoria Hospital nurses accused of neglecting pregnant woman
Victoria Hospital
Victoria Hospital.
Victoria Hospital.

The Victoria Hospital has come under the spotlight again following alleged claims that nurses neglected a pregnant woman, who later gave birth to a premature baby.

According to reports, nurses at the hospital did not come to help the woman when she was crying for help.

The baby later died.

The hospital has launched an investigation into claims of gross neglect by the 19- year-old woman, but said that the nurses did not cause the death of the baby.

Reports are that Chelsea Matty, who resides in Micoud, was only seven months pregnant, when she was admitted to the hospital.

Matty was transferred from St Jude Hospital to Victoria Hospital on September 25, 2015, as a result of developing complications and put into the Labor Room all by herself.

The woman told the media that she kept asking for help, after she had thrown up several times, but no one came to her assistance.

At one time, she even wet her bed, because she was not given a bed pan nor taken to the washroom when she requested to go.

After delivering a baby girl on her own at 1:50 a.m. on of September 26, a nurse came and cut the umbilical cord and took the child away and she was left to clean herself.

The baby died right hours after, because her lungs were premature, according to the mother.


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  1. This hospital, their ethics and every human who works there needs to be thoroughly investigate and evaluated by an international body because i am sure if that is done they will realize this place needs to be condemned and the licences of these nurses and some of these so called doctors needs to be revoked.


  2. This not the first and will not be the last.,,,those unmannerly, selfish, bitter, full of themselves nurses at VH , full of style and false hair , long nails and full of makeup,,need a shake up. ... They look at you...size you up,,,see who looking out for you.. if you have money and then decide what bed you should have or if they should attend to you. Well don't talk for the last half hour before the shift change,.. well pal on your own...and sorry for you...
    I am sadden by what happened to the young lady. I had my experience there and vowed never to go back there as long as I could afford not to. But what about those who cannot afford to go elsewhere,, ah.. ..what are they to do?
    So many cases of children with CP, due to lack of oxygen to the brain during childbirth that was caused because of neglect and due to lack of due care to the pregnant mother in the delivery room... do you know the cost of taking care of a child with Cerebral Palsy ? For sure not $200 dollars a month, a life time to bills.
    That nonsense must stop and people need to start taking them to court . Before we did not know that we could take people to court for such, well now we know......
    Ms. Minister do something about your untamed nurses that have no bedside manners especially at VH ,, sorry to sayl that they are just there for the money ..not because they want to help citizens.


  3. I will say again, all they do both doctors and nurses, pick up the pay check at the end of the month. The citizens of st.lucia should start to protest to shut down this hospital, pure gabbage is going on at vh. where is the minister of health, with all these complants over and over again. I pray for all my fellow St. Lucians.


  4. Well last year August wen i was addimited to VH to give birth to my daughter i was sensed in da labour room for check up to see if i was ready wen they saw o was ready i was ask to stay in all my pain da nurse an mid wife shift was over so they they were deciding to go one is like i want to go home i doe care my shift over the other one lets do da last delivery da nurse was so vex that she treated me rough an if they left i would be alone an had to wait for da next shift smsh


  5. I has the misfortune to be hospitalized at VH twice and I would rather die than be there ever again. I was 20 years old when I gave birth to my one and only child and the nurses treatment guaranteed that I never have another. 42 years later I still remember how awful it was. Some people are called to be nurses and God bless you when you find a true nurse. I'll pray for the ones that just sees it as a pay check.


  6. I am 40 years old and while I agree that there are some rather hospitable nurses at VH, there are also some who perhaps require training. When I was giving birth to my first born eight years ego, I had to wait for a shift change before I could begin pushing. The new nurse was very angry with me for not pushing right. When she cut me (episiotomy), I felt it and she said rudely that if i was pushing right I would not have felt it. I could not believe it! I could not push after that. The doctor had to come to my rescue.

    When the doctor was stitching me up, she lamented at how awful my cut was. I know that there is lots of pressure, but the patients should not have to pay for it.

    I also had an experience of neglect for my third child at VH. I pray that I not not have to be admitted at VH for anything in the future.


  7. I don't know what happened but who are we to judge her story. This is what she claimed she experienced. Hope the investigation is transparent. Some of the comments are just so sickening but goes to show why such mediocre treatment from nurses still persist. There is no excuse for neglect. Neglect is considered a form of abuse and I don't know what the nursing standards are in St Lucia big a good nurse is compassionate, caring shows empathy and advocates for the best care for their patient. As a nurse you can't let rude comments from a patient affect you. It's wrong you can report tell the client it is not appropriate but IT CANNOT DETERMINE YOUR CARE for the client. Dementia patients say anything they have no idea where they are, pain makes a patient say even worse. As a nurse you need a tough skin and if you can't handle that you're in the wrong profession. I work at a long term care facility and face racist slurs, punches and scratches but most the residents have dementia. I won't neglect them because of their words. In the next 5 minutes they are all bubbly and inviting me to come help them do a crossword. I'm not saying that their behavior is right but honestly it's the nature of the job. I love my job I knew exactly what I was getting into. I do not ignore any call bells after all I am there to serve the patient. So I sincerely wish that those nurses would be reminded of their nursing standards and society please continue to speak out as such behavior is unacceptable.


  8. VH .........mmmmmmmmmmmm i had my fair share with them left in a room down the hall way for almost an hour suffering when my fiance' realized i was'nt getting medical help to finally go deliver my baby he started making noise and went to the 'sister room' where the nurses are located in the maternity ward when he finally told them off two nurses said ooooh!!! we re sorry we forgot her tell her come to the delivery room....whilst trying to get off the bed in the ward i fell down due to lack of strength and pain my fiance' had to try support me yet still the nurses did'nt come with him to assist me with a wheel


  9. This statement of this young lady left to clean herself, this is a lie. This young woman had a lost, and is hurt, so she has to gravitate her hate to someone or somewhere. NO one gives no take life. This is in the hands of the lord. NO one has that power, and understand that whatever is there to be will be. It just was not the lords plan for your baby to live. And people if vh is so horrible, why do you guys keep going there. Go overseas or to Tapion.


    • You really sound like you are a nurse. Yes people do get bad experiences at VH sometimes. People also get lots of good, unfortunately the bad most times overpowers the good. I have had great experiences at VH as well as extremely bad ones. I still applaud the nurses who do good when I see them but the ones who did bad I pray for them. Imagine you telling a nurse you feel you are going blind and she laughs in your face. Make excuses for yourself, not for all nurses. There are some who have no life skills and are very wicked. They feel they are not offering you a service. Hats off to those who have the passion for the job and for human beings. SMH


  10. The truth of the matter guys...and you really ought to not just go out on a limb and that VH is under-staffed...and the board of members have no intent on hiring more doctors and nurses based on the revenue generated. keeping in mind not all patients pay a timely fashion...these fees are not collected efficiently for the whole establishment to reap into the rewards of seeing to the the staff know this...their pay may have very well been deducted on already....this acts as a demotivator to those whom are not genuinely for the interest of our ill/injured/pregnant in this case, So not a lot of effort is put into the job sadly. Many of them refuse to accept that their roles may extend beyond what they were hired for in the first place...not to mention the pay not being satisfactory...but overall the system needs new only 22 and since ive known myself VH has always been the worst....hopefully the new hospital will make a difference...


  11. The minister doesn't care because when she's sick, she won't be going to Victoria hospital. These ppl don't care can't you guys see that. Politricks, a lot of empty promises. I feel so sorry my my fellow Saint Lucians.


  12. There is two side to the story. I have been to st jude hosptial and vh. And have not seen such bull ever. Only in the emergency room have I seen shit happen. I have been to the gym ward, maternity ward at both hospitals for more than 2 days and honestly don't believe this happen the way it was said. Something went wrong somewhere. If this child was transfer she must be under watch. Now I have seen for myself when this young girl go to give birth or have contractions they do and say a lot of shit even the grown women because tbey cant help with the pain and when u start giving this nurse problem and attitude they will react they are human. Plz note not every nurse will do their job to the best some will laps. But why would they take the risk and allow this girl to give birth on he own and clean herself and all that can lead to her death. Was she the only person in the ward I want to know.its hard for a female to stand full force after giving birth farless clean herself. And if I read correctly she was already having contractions issues from St jude. My dear this was time for ur baby to come out and I don't think any body could have stopped it. A doctor can try to prolong the contraction timing and length throw medication and am not sure it's available here but if the baby coming out they can't hold it back OK. And someone plz correct me do babies survive at 7 months. I wasn't there I don't know they whole story but it's just not adding up. My girl u had a part to play in this. Can the room mate or other patient at the time help clear the air.


  13. My friend went to the hospital in 2013. She had fever and pain all over her body. She was 8 months pregnant. She was left in casualty given iv fluids 2 paracetomal and sent on her way. Was never examined. Just ask a bunch of questions and that was it. Next day at home she realize the baby wasnt moving. Her baby died. When they did the autopsy it was shown the baby was in trouble the night in the hospital because of the fever. If the doctors had examine her and monitor her properly her baby would have been alive today. I understand the doctors and nurses are under stress but they signed uo for that job and should do better b angry on ur break save a life.