Victoria Hospital educates public


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The hospital’s physiotherapists provided information to the public at the health showcase

The public continues to get a better understanding of the Victoria Hospital’s operations as the hospital puts on a grand health showcase.

The Victoria Hospital has collaborated with the Mental Wellness Centre and the Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre to organise its week of activities to coincide with the Independence celebrations.

On its agenda are free medical screenings and a career showcase, which took place on Tuesday, February 18.

The health showcase was intended to expose people to career opportunities in the health sector. This was a first activity of its kind for the hospital.

Staff of Victoria Hospital sought to clarify some of the public’s misconceptions about the hospital’s operations. Healthcare professionals including pharmacists, lab technicians and physiotherapists were on hand, willing to give information to the public.

Medical students providing health screening for a woman

Kurt Reynolds, communications officer in the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, told St. Lucia News Online there are numerous job opportunities in the health sector.

“The hospital has many opportunities for employment – from the security which is a very important component to the support staff. They all play an integral role in how the hospital operates,” Reynolds said.

Victoria Hospital has partnered with all of the medical schools on the island, and the Renal Association and Planned Parenthood Association to get the participation of a wide cross-section of healthcare professionals and practitioners.

“It is important for us to partner with the medical schools as they are the ones building the careers, the professionals that we need; and we need a lot of professionals when we move to the new national hospital,” Reynolds explained.

President of the American Medical Student Association Chapter at the International American University Zeeshawn Chughtai said they are willing to offer health screenings to interested people, adding “…one of the main things we want to make sure we offer – the understanding of what is high blood pressure. We often take the patient’s blood pressure to make sure that everything is in functioning order. We also want to check the patient’s heart sounds and lung sounds to make sure that there are no abnormalities.”

The week of activities started with an ecumenical service on Monday, which officials said saw the participation of over 100 hospital staff and health officials.

Activities will continue with a health walk on Thursday, February 20, from the Ministry of Health to Mandela Drive and back. A health breakfast will follow this.

On Friday, February 21, staff will be adorned in the national colours.

“The hospital is decorated for Independence, something which hasn’t happened in over three decades,” Reynolds said.

A staff awards next month will culminate the activities.

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  1. They should have more training for the staff there in their customer service. Some of them their attitude stinks! It is disgusting!!! Some don't know how to work under pressure and they treat people like animals instead of human beings. Train your staff to be more caring and compassionate. No one held a gun to their heads to take up that type of job. It was their choice so they should do it with pride. Not blatantly ignore people or shout at them or turn their noses or answer people with attitude. Also the Pharmacy at the Hospital should be open round the clock. Have shifts. At no time should anyone not be able to get their prescribed medication at the hospital.

  2. I hope that VH will keep this initiative annually.


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