Victoria Hospital drivers return to work

Victoria Hospital drivers return to work
Wilfred Pierre.

A group of seven Victoria Hospital drivers, who were on strike over the past few days over delayed overtime payments, have returned to work.

Acting President of the Civil Service Association (CSA) Wilfred Pierre confirmed with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the drivers are also expected to receive their overtime payments today.

Pierre told SNO that this decision was made during a meeting held at the Public Service Ministry and chaired by the Labour Commissioner Ray Narcisse, along with teams from CSA and the Health Ministry, on Thursday, July 30.

The drivers are collectively owed cash totaling over $30,000 in overtime payments, which were accumulated between 2012 and 2013.

Pierre said he was happy with the outcome of the meeting and noted that officials from the Ministry of Health, particularly the Permanent Secretary Cointha Thomas was very professional in handling the issue.

The acting president said he is hoping that the ministry delivers on their promise and that such a situation never reoccurs. He said the CSA is always open for discourse on matters affecting its members.

The trade unionist said despite this, he was not too pleased with the threatening letter that was delivered to his office from the Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Ministry Phillip Dalsou.

Dalsou had accused the CSA of failing to comply with the established procedures for trade disputes/ grievances, as outlined in the Labour Act of 2006 and demanded that the drivers return to work immediately.

But Pierre said that the government was also in breach of the Labour Act, because they failed to deliver on payments owed to employees for a specific period and decided to withhold those payments.

Nevertheless, Pierre said the drivers are happy with the decision taken by government to have them paid in full and have also expressed how happy they are to return to work as well.


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  1. The article states that eventually the drivers are going to be paid and made whole.But to make ridiculous comments about peoples supposed looks,now that is insensitive.Happy for the drivers that's it.


  2. You can't tell people what they should commented about.Don't be rude!De apprearances of people does reflects on thee article.What has been said on those curfew beatings you saw recently?Footage,apprearances of people,logo's,memo's,headlines all that,plays a role with any article.What you are interested in,is up to you.Everyone is different with their oppinions.Your thoughts are yours so does other people and it doesn't matter where i live.I was born in St.lucia.


  3. Shawn I understand your point, however this has nothing to do with the content of the article.So if u are interested in A beauty pageant suck it up carnival is over.As A St.Lucian who lives abroad I am mainly interested in the content of articles written I suggest that you do the same.


  4. Victoria hospital sucks. The govt and minister of health need to put more doctors at casualty especially on weekends, or they must visit the casualty department, sit in the waiting area to see how long people have to wait before they are being attended too especially babies. Last saturday i went there with my daughter who was suffering with a pain by her waist, I saw a nurse at 6pm and left at 3am smh. Those people that are in charge needs to go there when they have health issues to see exacltly what people are going through. Then the doctor who is not a stlucian said don't blame me blame yourll prime minister


  5. We need to check these people photos when they are putting stuff on thee internet.This photo isn't good looking at all at all.That is not the person i knew several years ago.Some of those people should go on pension.The man not looking well.Nobody,checks on our seniors and say to them it's time to rest?Oh my gosh!


    • I do not like your comment.  I think it is one of ageism. It is also rude.  I see nothing wrong with the photo.  The gentleman must be worried and concerned about the situation.  He has worked hard all his life and should not have had to worry about monies owing to him and his colleagues.  I wish the gentleman well and hope he ignores your comment.


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