Victor, Victoria needs help! The DPP’s office is crippled by lack of manpower (letter to the editor)

Victor, Victoria needs help! The DPP’s office is crippled by lack of manpower (letter to the editor)
Victor (left) and Victoria (right)
Victor (left) and Victoria (right)
Victor (left) and Victoria (right)

Dear Editor: ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ is probably the most fitting phrase that could adequately describe the situation with the St. Lucian justice system where news that a number of persons have been on remand for up to 10 years without a trial have become the norm – ‘stale news’.

Public pleas by members of the local judiciary over the years, for government to hire additional staff to speed up the prosecution process, have been seemingly ignored, despite the growing backlog of cases.

Director of Public Prosecutions Victoria Charles-Clarke echoed similar sentiments at a news conference this week, where she was forced to respond to criticisms expressed by a ruling party minister on the political platform.

Charles-Clarke told reporters that in June 2015, she wrote to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Legal Affairs requesting the appointment of a Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions and two senior Crown Counsel.

The DPP said it was her hope that the appointment of the additional staff, which was “long outstanding”, would have released her from daily duties to enable her to focus attention on the IMPACS Report, and also provide much needed assistance to conduct research in the matter.

To date no, additional appointments have been made to the staff compliment of the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions, the DPP declared.

“It should be noted that I have been operating without a Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions since 2010 and without a full compliment of 10 lawyers approved for my department since 2004,” Charles-Clarke said.

We the members of the public are calling on Justice Minister Victor La Corbiniere to issue a full statement in response to the DPP’s claim.

Are those statements true Mr. Minister? Why have you not added staff to the DPP’s office? Are you happy with the state of the justice system?

Mr. La Corbiniere is being paid by taxpayers and as such we deserve a response. We are tired of hearing from the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia on matters of crime, violence and the judiciary. Why do we have a minister in charge of security and justice?

Sir, we need to hear from you.

Concerned resident


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  1. So you mean to tell me that the best way to address a judicial problem is on a political platform???
    Political platforms are for politics. If there is a problem with the way justice is being carried out in this country I would expect the members of government to address the matter professionally not politically.
    I remember the days when meeting used to be called to deal with such issues.
    People and Country first, then comes the politics.
    If you are truly concerned about the country then put country first.


  2. The request for additional staff was only made four months ago !! It will take people with big balls to get this country straight.


  3. Ay ay! You waiting on Vic? Gasson you wasting your time. You stand a better chance of eating a mango palwis in January.


  4. SLP, your days are numbered. we the UWP will bury you at the polls come next election! Your incompetence and ignorance have become part and parcel of everything you do. Where the hell did you pick that La Corbinere man from, and you have yet still another one in a bank?

    My oh my! You are pilling it on you clowns! Good riddance to very bad rubbish and your better daze that you call "better days".


  5. Every day we hear about the utter incompetence of this government.
    Yet at the same time the people will never vote for the UWP with Chastanet at the head.
    Just because they are in their own little roro the UWP are taking us to disaster.
    Kenny in till 2021 but Chastanet happy to be in Opposition even though he might never win a seat.


  6. La Corb is the most incompetent minister I can recall .Arrogant and inefficient , his body language suggest he no longer wants the job. He is a senator and not elected and portrays a contempt for the electorate
    It's time he goes but alas he is one of Kennys light skin cronies.....those that feel they are better than us and born to rule.
    The IMPAC fiasco is on his watch ,it is his department that presented to the DPP a report rather than evidence so as she could discern if a prime facile case existed.....poor show!
    As for Senator Felix attack on the DPP absolutely poor judgement on behalf of the government bestowed with lawyers with a constitutional lawyer at the helm.


  7. This La Corbimiere they need to get rid of this f--. It looks like he just sits on his ass and eat government money. He was in the middle of the operation restore confidence.


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