Victim of fatal accident identified

Victim of fatal accident identified
Theobald Felix
Theobald Felix
Theobalds Jr. Felix

The victim of this morning’s fatal accident on the Balata High Road has been identified as Theobalds Jr. Felix, also known as Zo Zo.

Felix, 26, is a resident of the Balata, Babonneau.

A well-placed law enforcement source told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that at about 9:30 a.m., Felix was travelling in the direction of Choc when, in trying to avoid a pothole, veered “too much to the right” into the path of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) that was travelling in the direction of Babonneau.

The source further alleged that Felix, in an attempt to avoid hitting the SUV, jammed the brakes of his motorcycle, which caused him to be thrown from the bike.

Meanwhile, the bike caught the right front tire of the SUV, bursting it, the source added. The SUV ended up in the drain. It is not clear if the driver of the vehicle, an off-duty police officer, sustained any injuries.

The source made it clear that Felix’s body did not impact the SUV, and his death likely resulted from the fall.

The source added that Felix’s body rolled “a good” several metres away from the location of the bike and the SUV.


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  1. All of us must die at some point but,there's an outlook which people may find unusual.If you are carrying crosses around neck as a necklace,you are calling death on yourself.When Jesus carried that cross,he did to be put to death.Alot of us don't know these things.Our grandmother and father were using it to only pray,they were not wearing them.Likewise,the beads are separated for you to switch over from one to the next.That is called the SHA-PLAY or ROSERIE.Why our youngmen today are wearing it like it's a gold chain?

    You are calling the GOD of DEATH on yourself.Food for thoughts!Look at this photo and tell me what you can see?There are a bundle of principles we have lost in our culture.Crosses are there to put on the grave.Some of us are using it for protection,that cannot protect anybody from anything because death is already linked to it's philosophy.Visualised what am saying then try to understand.This man had been attracting death onto his soul by carrying a cross!Who don't want to believe it don't believe it.That is reality! Jesus said to take up your cross and follow me.You can interpret that,in several ways.He went on that cross and suffered pain asked for water then was given vinegar so!


  2. Why are yoururll complaining about the pic. Maybe that's the one the family gave s.n.o
    Rest in peace young man


  3. These potholes cud cost u your life especially if u are a biker,if he had ride the pothole, something crazy cud have still happened there.


  4. Condolonces to the victims family. Really need to do something about our bad roads. Riding into the pothole may have been just as devastating.

    On another note. Why would SNO post an uncensored pic with victim giving middle finger salute? Could easily crop the pic to around his waist.... Smh.


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