Victim of domestic violence described as a “no-trouble youth”, but others beg to differ

Victim of domestic violence described as a “no-trouble youth”, but others beg to differ
Dave Monrose
Dave Monrose
Dave Monrose

A 31-year-old man who was killed by his lover at a home in New Village on Saturday night, Oct. 24, has been described as a victim of domestic violence.

Dave Monrose, an employee of Carasco & Son Ltd. in Castries, succumbed at at Victoria Hospital after he was reportedly stabbed by his common-law-wife.

Members of the community have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Monrose and his girlfriend, who had three children together, had a rocky relationship that included countless disputes and physical abuse. It is also alleged that the couple had also appeared in the Family Court.

Residents further alleged that the couple had a “heated fight” a day before the homicide.

One blogger also mentioned this in a post on SNO: “Two nights ago our church bus went to drop a member Carellie passing….it was about after 12, heard a big slap from the female to this man on our way down. Is like they have been fighting. I know the two very well, that is why I was able to identify them. This has been going on for years now between them.”

A source close to the deceased told SNO that on the night of the fatal incident, Monrose was accused of having an affair with another female in the area.

“The girl stab the man because she think he checking a girl in the area. The girl they stab the man for, everyone fraid the girl. She is real drama. Shooter was a good youth. Garcon trust me, that bring tears to my eyes,” the friend alleged.

He added: “That man was always jovial, could always make you laugh; a Miami Heat fan, so we always had it going on during the NBA season. Garcon, trust me, I feel that one and a lot of people too. He was a good youth, good comrade, no drama, no-trouble youth.”

However, other persons close to the suspect, paint a different image of the deceased, saying he was the abuser in the tumultuous relationship.

“Those comments about a good youth kills my heart. The way this man was beating the poor female that night and he constantly said to her “I f– killing you”, what good youth says that,” said one source.

“He even attacked his sister who attempted to separate him and the female. He insulted his mother. He would not back down. This hurts. It’s sad she resorted to this.”

The couple lived with three children. The woman is now in police custody.


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  1. We all blaming the young lady but the man should never beat the woman cause that's not your child . And she was my good friend and should never kill the man she was wrong and look at the story have 2 side all who judging her please ppl it could happen to any body if it was one of you you would want to kill him cause trust me she been taking licks for a long time and I knew that she never told me but I could have see for my self cause she had pain in her body the face use to be big and she use to keep it in she wolud not tell anybody but her good friend . But what am saying he she should have leave cause her friend told her to leave that man but she say she had no place to go her mother not in stlucia omg the kids ppl telling the kids oh how the mother kill their father please stop these forking shit and pointing finger


  2. this is a very sad situation to deal with especially with kids involved ......domestic violence is on the rise in lucia .....women killing men killing women.....u both can't agree LEAVE.....i understand sometimes its very hard after being with someone for so long ...but this was bad for u both ....ull have been at court ....the children saw ull fighting all the time omg ...these children will think its ok when they grow up to do the same becuz mummy and daddy were always at it and they stayed together .....they will also be affected and might not even want to have relationships becuz they'll be scared this happens to them .....omg ull have just destroyed these children lives guys it wasn't about ull it was about them ull should have sit and think as much as they don't have a father they don't have a mother either ......they might be crying becuz u both are now gone ull could have made the situation better with separation and having arrangements done with the children....ull think its easy to be a child from domestic relationships its not damn easy i was one .....the person with the children they'll need love and attention and alot please dont treat them bad becuz of their mother's and father's stupidity the resulted in all this


  3. SNO was quick to put the guys name who stab his gf where's the woman name we can see angle y'all take keep it up


    • Ignorant is the correct name you used. The woman accused of stabbing Dave Monrose has not been charged. We have said it over and over, names cannot be disclosed unless persons are charged. The young man who allegedly stabbed Bernard was identified AFTER he was charged.


  4. a woman killed a man again ,violence against men i want to know if people will march for that and protest and put his name on a list with others who have been abused by women and speak out against it just like when they do for women who have been abused by men


  5. All the things that are happening is because of a lack of knowledge.young people dont know who they are through christ.they r vurnerable beings in this world open to the evil works of satan.people wake up for god called us chosen know ur purpose becareful the things we entertain the things we watch and listen to.our thought process.becareful the words we speak the company we keep please stop lookin for love in all the wrong places for God is love.Jesus is real so is heaven,the devil,and hell.JEsus came to save the devil to destroy so choose for the family of the young man may God pour his love and grace upon all of u and may forgiveness rain in urll heart.young lady it was wrong wat u did and heartbreakin but the only sin that cant be forgiven is that against the holygost.God is love people.RIP Dave


  6. All the things that have been and is happening is because our young people are lacking knowledge.they dont know who they are ,they are vurnerable to the evil works of satan,they dont take time to find themselves in God.they llook for love all the wrong places.its so sad wat happened to this family.young ppl please we are in control of ourlives no one eles so be ware of the things we open our self to.the things we watch the words we spreak,the thoughts we entertain,the friends we keep..let us guard our hearts because there is a god and a heaven as well as there is a devil and a hell.jesus came to save the devil to choose for the family of the young man may god pour his grace upon urll and may forgiveness be in urll hearts,young lady wat u did was wrong and heart breaking but the only sin that cannot beforgiven is the sin against the holy gost.God loves urll.RIP DAve


  7. Very sad news today. Should have never came to this. Now those kids are going to be raised without their parents. Smh. No one ever thinks of the kids these days. If you are in a poisonous relationship just leave before it gets brutal.


  8. the last comment saying he wasn't a good youth because he wasn't backing down because he was in the fight with her that night and he cursed his mother and thought with his sister well then that's your opinion but remember the lord knows and sees all ok and he without sin cast the first stone. We run down people of what the do / did just because we don't so such or others don't know we do such but when you check it out we are even worse than what we are saying he's bad for.


  9. So mother kills father and which of the parents are in a position to take care of their children when one parent is dead and the other is in jail?
    How do the children cope with the knowledge that mummy killed daddy and which parent should the children blame for a tragedy like that?


  10. I don't think you need to be a troubled youth to abuse your spouse or partner. And he's been doing it to her for years!!!.. I'm not here to judge you boo boo ... but may god have mercy on u.. maybe if people here your story of being in this relationship and what u went through .. despite your actions it'll shed some light on what it ended up to be .... stay strong ... and pray .. God is never far from us ... hang in there


  11. A a...a a....a woman this time? Waaaatt?? Awa weee...da more we talk, like in this place the more things stay the same... Smh...number one d man beating u, threatening u, for dam sake:LEAVE..!! Call the police...then again as if ppl hav to think twice to do dat nw...smh...number 2 d woman u think hav ur man, weh she nw? Uh...maybe in another one arms...n weh u ? Foolish woman...locked up...n weh ur man? Deceased....oh n as for the kids... Awa weee...poor jab...our kids in this place really going thru alot e....masiay....I feeling sorry for them.... Women...leave d man if u cah bear...let him hav his rights to his the women if tings rough...God has place many n many we can date n find the one we must choose to live with happily... Male dogs find any to mate with n u eh c da female dogs fighting.... Am getting tired of dem shate in Lucia if we worse dan dogs...too many ppl uneducated and anger driven in this only takes one in this relationship to put their knees dwn night after night n plead with the Lord to c a real difference... Trust me the person dat wana beat u...deh hands must revenge dem...nt too long a woman came hme so late n d man put knife on d bed...u no wah happen? He sit on it a time deh waiting n d knife eh jook him in d leg uh...yes...God know wat wuda pass dat night...dats a testimony am givin on two ppl I no...hey ppl..u think da God dat create us is dead? Hmmm...he defends us even wen we eh deserve... So man let woman live her life n woman plz do the same...pray ppl...pray...masiay... Plz....dats da only way peace will reign...n lastly always think of the innocent children...I begging u..


  12. Woman giving horn but can take horn...that's just it...i raise up with both of them...Dave love pets,Pegions,fishes and dogs...u can go by his home u will see all the cages...she frustrating him from times,he never killed her....R.I.P Dave......cathy u too dangerous to do the man that .... ...!!!


  13. By the first act of domestic violence, please leave the relationship because it WILL happen again.


  14. Smh comments like she should've kill him 100 times are very ignorant. If the man was being abused by this female and he stabbed her it would be a completely different story. I think we should just agree that they're both human and no one has the right to abuse/kill another person. #stopdoublestandards


    • Agreed totally. I don't know the details of this couple's relationship and what led to his demise, however in general I think that society is ignoring our men and boys. When we think of domestic violence we think mostly of women. Again I do not know the details but I really would like to see more awareness when it comes to focusing on what males in our society face. Be it domestic violence, illness etc. More focus needs to be placed on our men. Perhaps if we start creating that sort of awareness our men would think that they have avenues and places to turn to when they are facing turbulent times. Already they are socialized to be macho and not display weakness, but they are vulnerable too.


  15. It take a woman that really frustrated to do that cause some men deserve it


    • Why are you condoning murder? Just know that no one deserves to be killed as we all sin. Sin is sin no matter the size or depth. Imagine if The Most High did to us the things we wish for others. Anyone alive has the chance of repentance. She had options. Leave the guy. Call the police. No one should take anyone's life.


  16. Something is wrong somewhere our children are dying, our brothers are killing each other ,our sisters are killing our brothers what are we trying to do thin the herd. Sickening absolutely sickening makes me want to throw up,then again when you choose a behavior you choose the consequences. We live in a sick society that manifests itself in ways we cannot even imagine.....Young man RIP. Ms Thing I hope you are off your high horse now and asking yourself why did I do it too late how many bad decisions can one person make in a day? Go figure it out, you have a short fuse go cool off now.


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