Victim of attempted murder by her ex-boyfriend tells her story

Victim of attempted murder by her ex-boyfriend tells her story
Elodie Francis at her home. The scar is visible on the neck area.
Elodie Francis at her home. The scar is visible on the neck area.

It was about 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 1 when 18-year-old Elodie Francis left her grandmother’s house at Chase Gardens, Castries. Her mission: to watch the latest Twilight sequel at the cinema in Choc.

She had one thing to do before going to the movies: give a thumb drive to her ex-boyfriend’s brother in front the Singer store in Castries. And This she did. Her ex was also there, but they made no contact and did not exchange any words.

However, at bus stop, her ex-boyfriend and his brother boarded the same Gros Islet bus she went in.

It was about 6 p.m. when the vehicle reached the bus stop at Sky Bridge, commonly known as the cross-over.

Francis told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she got off the bus before her ex and his brother, and proceeded to the bridge. She said at no time during the trip did the trio communicate.

The brother stayed to pay the bus fare.

But things turned into a nightmare moments later as Francis walked up the bridge’s steps with her ex-boyfriend following close behind: as she reached the top of the steps, he held her from behind, covered her mouth and slashed her throat with a knife.

“It happened so fast,” Francis told SNO. “My hand just automatically hold my throat and I screamed his brother’s name.”

By that time, Francis said her ex-boyfiend’s brother had already responded. She noticed the two brothers struggling as she ran down the steps onto the sidewalk, blood pouring from her wound.

Two vehicles stopped to her aid. A man from one of the vehicles brought a towel and it was wrapped around her neck. Francis recalled that an off-duty police officer was also on the scene, directing persons to question her so she won’t fall into unconsciousness.

While she waited for the ambulance, Francis said she was talking normally and was even answering calls to her cell phone.

The ambulance came within minutes and transported her to Victoria Hospital. She was conscious throughout. She recalled everything.

Francis’ wounds were serious but not life-threatening. Her throat was slashed from ear to ear. She also found out that her ex-boyfriend had also cut his own throat.

Both were treated at the same hospital in the same casualty area. Both were discharged the same day.

Elodie Francis shows SNO the blood-stained towel and clothes.

Police said charges of attempted murder and attempted suicide are expected to be laid against the ex-boyfriend, whose name cannot be released until he is formally charged.

But why did he do that?

Francis is baffled.

“I can’t even give a serious reason,” she said.

However, there were obvious signs her ex-boyfriend was troubled. She said they broke up “months ago” but tried to fix the relationship several times – but it didn’t work.

“He wanted to get back with me,” she said.

The teen alleged that sometimes her ex spoke about committing suicide if they can’t get back together. She also claimed that he told her he has a heart problem and his death is imminent.

According to Francis, her ex-boyfriend relayed strange news to her two days before the slashing.

“On Thursday he text me and told me he has something to tell me. I add him on MSN messenger, and he told me he has AIDS and I was the one who gave it to him because I am the only one he has slept with,” Francis explained.

This news not only shocked Francis but left her worried. Examinations begins at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in a few days and this news only made her lost focus.

In response to the news, Francis said she requested evidence. He promised to bring the HIV/AIDS result slip to school the following day, Friday, Nov. 30.

But the next day, all he presented was a thumb drive, telling her to view its contents. This infuriated her because she lost study time thinking about the news, having nightmares. She later found out that the contents on the thumb drive contained material about the good times they had.

Francis claimed that her ex held onto her and asked her to come with him. She refused but she said he persisted to harass her.

Friends at the school came to Francis’ rescue and told the ex to leave her alone.

That was the last time Francis said she had communication and/or contact with her ex until the evening of Saturday, Dec. 1 when he slashed her throat without no provocation, no argument, no fight.

When asked if her ex seemed like someone who would harm anyone, she said: “I don’t even know what to say. I know he had anger issues… I just figured I could help him.”

SNO also asked Francis if her ex ever harmed her before, and she recalled that he hit her in the back once with a cell phone charger over differences.

“Sometimes he pulled my skin,” she added.

Simon and Alice Francis are very disturbed by what happened to their daughter.

“You really don’t want to know. I don’t think there’s blood flowing in my veins right now,” said Simon who flew in from the Grenadines this afternoon.

Alice Francis said she met her daughter’s ex earlier this year.

“My daughter brought him for me to meet. The boy was sitting right there,” she pointed to a stool by the kitchen area.

Alice said she is aware that the couple had problems.

“He is very insultive, very disrespectful. I got a conversation from the two of them and she forgot to delete it, and I got it. After I read it, I text him and told him to stay away, to leave Elodie alone. I told Elodie to stop seeing him because he is too disrespectful, too bullying. He even told her how to comb her hair,” the mother said.

Her mother is calling on the public to stop spreading rumours about her daughter – rumours that her ex tried to kill her because she was having an affair with another man.


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  1. ..."he was discharged the same day as her"....Does that mean he wasn't in police custody?..They never stated. This is attempted murder. Should be in police custody. I hope the SLU jurisdiction system has changed, with posting bail for such crimes.


  2. I dont know what to say... sad to say i only now found out about this but this boyyyy .. if you had only kill her God knows! Elodie sigh baby girl your big cousin is thanking God you alright


  3. i really wish some st.lucians would grow up.. why do they always feel the need to spread rumours or say negative thngs during the course of a tragedy... A young woman was wounded because a young man could not let go and move on with his life , and what does the public do they turn around and blame it on the victim sayin its her fault cus she had an affair.. Lucians grow up even if she did does this justify his actions.. please lucains shake the pea brain menality.




  5. Elodie is a good friend of mine and when i heard about the story i immediately fell sick. the guy needs to be taught a lesson and his picture need to be posted on all social networking sites so young girls like elodie and myself can know not to go to this guy for a relationship or anything to personal....these lucian fellas these days sick and need serious help.



  6. The ex-boyfriend shouldn't have been allowed go home from the hospital, he should have been taken into custody directly from then hospital, What is wrong with the Laws of SLU? I can't, I just can't! Really


  7. That is a very sad story....what I am awestruck about is the fact that there was no provocation, no words, etc. This young man is extremely troubled and he will die horribly.


    • There is still hope for him if he makes up his mind to change his ways and his silly attitude. He needs to accept Jesus in his life and try to pray more so he can be humble and treat people with respect.


  8. Guess what's going to happen......this psychopath is going to get a lenient sentence like all the others....remember Mater Joseph chopped the young lady viciously outside KFC Rodney Bay,Lovely St Aime's sister whose step-father made sexual advances on her and was chopped viciously when she reported it to her mother??? THEY BOTH GOT 8 YEARS IMPRISONMENT,THIS IS THE MESSAGE OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS SENDING TO THOSE PERSONS 'MAIME THE WOMEN OF OUR SOCIETY AND IN A FEW YEARS TIME U WILL BE LET OFF SCOTCH FREE'


    • Yes this is outrageous. What is 8 years after maiming someone? 20 years to life would be more like it!


  9. oh god these thing are heart breaking, young men now a day think they have a compelling power over women and think that when woman was just born that they mother put them men names on the women ass, but i am telling u it was not that young lady time, and god has a plan for her. she has a second chance in life i suggest she takes advantage of it and live life on step at a time, don't rush through it u still have a purpose in life.


  10. Thanks for this SNO. Happy to hear this young lady's story. Hopefully other young people can take a lesson away from this. You have a whole life ahead of you at that age. Plenty more heartbreaks but even more good things. Why want to cut that short? I hope this young man gets some help cuz he is obviously disturbed. I hope there are counsellors at bordelais cuz that's where he needs to be. All the best to this young lady.


  11. we fail to realize there's a big difference with love,words n feelins,no matter how old u are or how long u with someone,married or not they do change and keep things bottle up,people dont forget the passed so b careful wat u say n how u say it,leave the past where it should b in the past,cuz most times it makes things worst,stop dreaming of fury love stories n live life,too many time we mix sex with relationship,some men re jus in for the sex n if its good,dey want u to b dey sex toy,he wants to b de only person u sleepin with,so careful when u say hi and goodbye;Anarrcis Changeable


  12. I'm very concerned about St.Lucia's young men and women. Our young women need to know that they are wonderfully and fearfully made by God, and they need to be mindful of who they decide to be in a relationship with. Also parents need to be more involved in their children's life. Too many of our children are left unattended and they find themselves in wrongful acts.


  13. This story makes my skin crawl..She is a very close friend of my son... they know each other from pre-school.When my son called me and told me the story,it was hard to take it..Oh LORD,Parent keep praying for your kids.The kids in St.lucia needs prayers and guidance... THAT IS SOOO SAD...


  14. I would like to echo the sentiments of the first two commentators. Additionally young ladies you need to know that you are wonderfully made. You are beautiful and deserve the best. It's unfortunate that this had to happen but Elode, I am happy that you broke up with him. it could have been worse but God is good.


  15. I would like to echo the sentiments of the first two commentators. Additionally young ladies you need to know that you are wonderfully made. You are beautiful and deserve the best. It's unfortunate that this had to happen but Elode, I am happy that you broke up with him. it could have been worse but God is good.


  16. i think that the boy should be charged because this was intentive murder and his picture should be put on the site to i cannt believe that.. this girl is my friend ... why do these things always happen to past compre or presnt compre students?


  17. Oh boy. We need to teach our young men to respect our young ladies. No matter what they should never lay a finger on anyone farless a woman. Would they like that done to their mothers or sisters? That young man need to be taught a lesson. And young ladies, please concentrate on school if you are still at school. No serious intimate relationships till you are working and ready to handle one.


    • jesus saves, you took the words right out of my mouth. No serious intimate relationship at that age, especially being at school


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