VFCSS thanks volunteers who assisted special needs students

VFCSS thanks volunteers who assisted special needs students

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School serves close to one thousand students each year.

It is inevitable therefore that we would have the opportunity to work with students who need special accommodation.

This year, we are especially pleased with the efforts of the school’s counseling department, under the direction of Mrs. Gillian Khodra, which ensured the needs of all such students were met during the examination period.

In an effort to cater to our students who have visual and writing impairments, the department collaborated with Mrs. Darcheville, an Itinerant teacher attached to Special Education Center in Vieux-Fort. In doing so, the school was able to ensure that all students received the necessary assistance.

The school thanks in a special way Mrs. Shermie Darcheville, who assisted with magnifiers and audio equipment. We thank as well past students of the school who volunteered their services, giving back to their school and assisting students. We appreciate deeply the services of: Martina Emmanuel, Emila Joseph, Michelle Celise and Michelle Thomas, Tasha Mathurin, Andra Khodra, Shantel Louisy, Tamika Martelly and Jahn Constantine. The young ladies served as scribes and readers during the examination period.

Vieux-Fort Comprehensive celebrates the contributions of these individuals and we look forward to fostering more ties of this nature with VFCSS alumni and the general public in an effort to better meet the needs of students we serve. We believe in our responsibility to do all we can to meet the needs of our students in a way that enhances their lives. All students are capable of achieving, despite their individual differences. Special accommodations have been requested for students who will be sitting the CSEC Examinations beginning May of this year.


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