VFCSS elects new Students Council executive

VFCSS elects new Students Council executive

On Tuesday the 23rd of September, 2014 the student body of the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School La Resource held elections for the executive of its students council.

A total of sixteen candidates contested for the seven positions on the council’s executive board. Presiding over this electoral process was Miss Maria Sebastian, a peace core volunteer attached to the National Youth Council of Saint Lucia. Over nine hundred students voted on election day.

After a week of intense campaigning by the candidates the following persons were elected on the executive of the students council:

President: Autran Octave
Vice President: Nyrone Winter
Treasurer: Janique Samuel
Assistant Treasurer: Britney Daniel
Secretary: Sophie Klien
Assistant Secretary: Maria Brandon
Public Relations Officer: Niomi Saltibu

The new executive has vowed to work assiduously to make school life the best experience for its members. Also they intend to work towards making their students council the most dynamic students organization on the island. Additionally, they intend to target some of their efforts at rebranding the image of the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School La Resource as the premier educational institutions on the island.

To achieve the aforementioned mentioned objectives the newly elected executive intends to use a holistic approach that is guided by the principles of democracy, transparency and accountability. More specifically they intend to advocate for policies and programmes that will promote the holistic development of each member. Further, they have pledged to implement programmes and activities that will address the concerns of the student body.

Capacity building training for present and potential student leaders is a third area of focus for the new executive. It is hoped that if these areas are attended to the executive would have successfully met its mandate.


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  1. Congrats Student's council. Enter to learn, depart to serve....

    But why does everyone in the photo have on their selfie face


  2. Great work my VFCSS!!! Keep it going. I wish you all strength and guidance on your journey.


  3. Congratulation and Proud of all on the Student Council Board..May the Lord guide you to do your best and set good example for others to follow..again Bravo to all.


  4. Congratulation!!!
    The Student Council should tap into the resources of past students to assist them in carrying out their programs.
    I definitely will pledge to assist whenever required.
    All the best!!


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