Venezuelan, two Saint Lucians charged with money laundering

Venezuelan, two Saint Lucians charged with money laundering


A Venezuelan national and two Saint Lucians were formally arrested and charged with money laundering.

Adonys Alejandro Sencler Ruiz of Venezuela, Ernie Zilta of La Resource, Vieux Fort; and Gaspard St. Hilaire of Desruisseaux, Micoud were arrested by police on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.

The Financial Intelligence Authority said in a statement on Thursday that the men were found with EURO $287,700 and US$10,000 in their possession on Sunday, October 2, 2016 in the South of the island.

The trio are being held in custody pending an appearance before a magistrate for a bail hearing.


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  1. Why don't they burn the money just as they burn the drugs since it's dirty money ,but i guess it gets washed after the police handles it and make it clean for the gorvernment to use........the system my friends ,only dead fish goes with the flow


  2. That's drug money. Same thing. The government need to crack down on the drug infestation in st lucia.


  3. Now the challenge will be to prove that this was "dirty money." The defence attorneys are lining up to defend their potential clients with the hope of getting paid from the clean 25 percent of the laundered money!
    Remember how the money laundering charges were dropped in the Lambirds case?


  4. how is money laundering. are they not meant to have 10,OO US dollars on them? cause from England I can carry up 10,000 pounds on me!!!! on the plan


    • Lests be serious u not no bank what you doing with all that money on u at that one time .so that making the police more curious so they have every right to investigate. What if supposedly it was a business they robbed and that was the missing money.


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