Venezuelan teenager hospitalised

Venezuelan teenager hospitalised
Victoria Hospital
Victoria Hospital

(CMC) – A Venezuelan teenager who said she was kidnapped and brought to St. Lucia by boat and forced to become a sex slave, had to be rushed to Victoria Hospital Thursday, an official familiar with the case told reporters.

“She was complaining of severe pain as a result of being sexually abused and her condition worsened,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The 16-year, who is resident in the neighbouring French island of Martinique, is reported to have escaped her captors on Sunday and ran to an employee with the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), pleading for help.

She took offered the starving, half naked teenager food and clothing and later summoned the police to handle the matter.

The girl said her kidnappers had taken her by force, sedated her and brought her to St. Lucia.

Police have so far made no official statement on the case saying only that investigations were continuing.


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  2. First the young lady,s mother said she went to meet her boyfriend in St Lucia now the girl is saying they kidnap her and bring her to St Lucia she is not saying the truth


  3. StLucia is a breeding ground for criminals. I bet my bottom dollar no one is going to be arrested. Only money man name will be link to this investigation. Do you think she is the only foreign national in captivity here? Not a word, not a word from the commissioner.


  4. You shouldn’t say where she is . And shouldn’t give so much details you will make the police job harder . Sometimes it’s not about breaking the news first ...


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  6. this is sad. our government should be ashamed of itself for not putting measures in place to assist vulnerable people from venezuela.i hope she recovers and that she is givenpermission to say in this country, including refugee status or whatever will allow her to stay. my heart breaks. what a painful story. May God bless her and i hope she survives this horror.


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