Venezuelan Foreign Minister demands at UN condemnation of Unilateral Sanctions

Venezuelan Foreign Minister demands at UN condemnation of Unilateral Sanctions

(PRENSA LATINA) – Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza asked the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday for condemnation of the blockade maintained by major powers against the South American nation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country reported.

¨This Council must take a position and reject the unilateral coercive measures that aim at twisting the will of the people to comply with the dictates of the powerful,¨ the minister said.

During the 39th session of the international body, based in Geneva, Arreaza rejected sanctions against Venezuelan funds that impede access to medicines and food and the economic war that the United States and the European Union maintain, the Foreign Ministry reported.

He also referred to the induced migration, the media campaigns and the frustrated assassination attempt against the president, Nicolas Maduro, perpetrated on August 4.

The Foreign Minister denounced once again the siege against Venezuela, the economic and financial blockade and the coercive measures by the United States and the European Union against the Caracas Government that directly affects national finances.

¨It is difficult for the country to receive, and import basic supplies for food and health of our people. Because of these measures, the securities of Venezuela at the hands of the financial services company Credit Suisse lost their value by about 265 billion dollars¨ he complained.

In this regard, he added that one 1.6 billion dollars were blocked by ¨Euroclear¨, a system of compensation and liquidation of securities, in order to generate internal situations of political, economic and social instability. However, the foreign minister stressed, the government guarantees free education from the initial stage to the university and allocates 75 % of the national income to social investment.


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