Venezuela will be declared territory with 100% senior citizens pensioned

Venezuela will be declared territory with 100% senior citizens pensioned

(AVN) – The vice president of the Republic, Tareck El Aissami, announced on Monday that in the coming days Venezuela will be decreed as a territory 100% of pensioned senior citizens.

” Next week, we can already decree 100% of pensioners and pensioners, in Venezuela ” said El Aissami during a working day with the President of the Republic and the governors at the White Palace, in Caracas.

On VTV broadcast, the vice president stressed that Venezuela will be the only country to achieve this goal, a situation that contrasts with the measures recently applied by the neoliberal governments of Argentina and Brazil, which have led to a regression in social gains.

Before the arrival of the Bolivarian Revolution, there were only 387,000 pensioners in Venezuela. At present the figure goes back to more than 3.4 million.

El Assami also reported that through the “Carnet de la Patria” System, the “José Gregorio Hernández” voucher – monthly allocation to people with disabilities – currently reaches 147,823 households in the country.

In the case of pregnant women, he said that 116,940 women are being cared for through the Humanized Birth Plan, created in 2017. This program has the mission of including and treating 500,000 women who give birth annually, to take care of them during their pregnancy. process of pregnancy, antepartum, delivery, postpartum, lactation and upbringing.

The vice president also stressed that at the end of Holy Week, the Bolivarian Government will reinforce the plans of attention to Venezuelan families, so that they receive their food every 15 days, through each Local Committee for Supply and Production (Clap).

The State arranged for the year 2018 74.1% of the resources aimed at serving Venezuelans through the various social programs, arranged for the protection of each household.


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