Venezuela, UN agree to collaborate on migrants’ return

Venezuela, UN agree to collaborate on migrants’ return

(TELESUR ENGLISH) – Venezuelan authorities and United Nations representatives met to discuss how to improve protections for vulnerable returning migrants.

The Venezuelan government and the United Nations signed a cooperation agreement Wednesday to collaborate on the return of Venezuelan migrants to the country through the Return to the Homeland Plan.

In the meeting between Venezuelan Vice-president Delcy Rodriguez, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, and U.N. representatives, Venezuelan authorities agreed to accept technical assistance from the U.N. to help them secure support from South American governments that have been unwilling to facilitate the program.

“We must guarantee the human rights of our countrymen and woman, whose rights to work and a salary have been violated,” Vice-president Rodriguez said in a joint press conference following the meeting. Rodriguez and Arreaza also provided details on the country’s social programs and investment to curtail the economic hardships they attribute to the economic and financial blockade led by the United States and the European Union.

Peter Grohmann, the representative of the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP), said they would also consider other ways to increase cooperation and provide services to the vulnerable population affected by the economic situation.

Venezuela has recently organized several airlifts as part of the plan. Last week the government facilitated the return of 89 citizens from Peru and 185 migrants from the state of Roraima, in Brazil. This Thursday a group of 92 Venezuelans in Ecuador returned to Venezuela. While hundreds more Venezuelan migrants have registered to the program and are waiting for government-sponsored transport.

In August, the Venezuelan government led by president Nicolas Maduro issues a series of economic reforms to stabilize the economy. Maduro has guaranteed an improvement to the situation in Venezuela and has asked Venezuelan migrants to return to help in the process of economic recovery.


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