Venezuela rejects US attempts to push a coup d’etat

By Telesur English

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(TELESUR ENGLISH) – The government demanded Washington to “immediately stop all assaults and threats” against the Venezuelan people, repeating Venezuela was a free and sovereign country, defending its right to peace, stability and democracy.

Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry rejected Sunday the U.S. interference in domestic affairs of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Francisco Palmieri.

“Neither the U.S. administration nor any of its regional subordinates have any legal or ethical expertise so they can claim to shape the future of the Venezuelan people,” especially “when they are responsible for worsening the issues they inflict to Venezuelans.”

The government also urged Washington to stop bombing “countries in Africa and the Middle East and spend more time instead of improving the situation of populations struggling for survival if they are really eager to persist in being “humanitarian saviors.”

The communique evoked the economic and social situation in Puerto Rico after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, “where until today thousands of people have been forced to abandon their homes because of the negligence of the U.S. white supremacist regime.

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  1. Why is SNO carrying so much Venezuelan propaganda? A week does not past without a press release from Telesur, St. Lucians are not that interested in Venezuela. Tell Venezuela to look after its people and its collapsing economy instead of trying to attack the US.

  2. But the only assault and threat against the Venezuelan people comes from their captors, the ruling PSUV elite oligarchy. They are the people holding the population hostage, as slaves. They are the people making more money and any US or UK or EU politicians from stealing the wealth of their people. They are the ones who torture, kill or kidnap (as in the case of Elias Diaz mother, being kidnapped by the state police force in Zulia) their own citizens, who deny them the most basic of human rights.
    I call for an end to modern day stavery in all its guises. Venezuela is just one part of the world where this is happening but the people of that country need our support, solidarity and assistance. Diosdado Cabello, notorious and proven drugs kingping, as well as all the rest of the filthy rich PSUV bourgeoisie elite must face justice, as Nazi war criminals and those who have committed similar genocide have in the past. The world needs to stop being complacent in the suffering, starvation and death of the good people of Venezuela.


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