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Venezuela progresses despite international financial blockade

By Venezuelan Embassy

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(VENEZUELAN EMBASSY) – The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has been acknowledging in the presence of national and international media, the serious economic situation that Venezuelans are facing, for which a series of necessary actions to face such problems have been implemented and has placed more emphasis on those actions that favour the most disadvantaged sectors of society.

The financial and commercial blockades decreed against Venezuela prevent the Government from carrying out commercial transactions for the purchase of food items, medicines, production supplies, as well as fulfilling its other obligations. The intention of this blockade is to isolate the South American country, leaving it in a state of defencelessness.

Its aim is to discredit the Government rendering it difficult to meet the needs of the people. Vessels full of food at Venezuelan ports cannot be unloaded because they are prevented from paying, all as a result of the International Banking Blockade.

All these scenarios are mainly the result of the international attacks. Through sanctions imposed by the United States of America, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, joined by many other countries of the region and the European Union, they have been able to block Venezuela’s financial transactions.

Sanctions are also expected to be imposed on all those who carry out transactions with the new crypto-currency that the Bolivarian Government has created, as a mechanism to face the financial blockade that directly impacts the economy.

Despite this reality in which Venezuela has been attacked internally and externally, in March 2018, the Bolivarian Government granted house number two (2) million to a Venezuelan Family – an unprecedented number for any government in the world. (The Great Venezuelan Housing Plan was created on April 30th, 2011 and to date; it has positively changed the lives of more than two million families, who now have a secure roof of their own, with access to essential basic services and a more comfortable life).

On 7th April 2018, the National System of Orchestras and Youth and Children’s Choirs of Venezuela, registered its 1 millionth child, whom will be part of a cultural and social program that has transformed the lives of many children throughout the country; 66% of youth and children enrolled, come from households with limited financial resources.

(It was established in 1975 by Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu for the purpose of giving access to music education to children from all social classes).

In the health sector, a National Vaccination Plan which will assist 11 million Venezuelan children has been launched.

In addition and despite all the economic difficulties, a national rehabilitation plan for 521 “Barrio Adentro II” Centres is being implemented, which includes: Integral Diagnostic Centres (IDC), Integral Rehabilitation Rooms (IRR) and High Technology Centres (HTC), as well as the plan to move from 15, 500 basic health units to 16, 500 outpatient and primary care clinics.

To date, the national government has supplied around 6 million Venezuelan families with “CLAP bags” on a monthly basis. These bags are distributed by the “Local Committees of CLAP Supplies”, containing the main food items at subsidized prices. (The CLAP program was initiated on March 12th 2016 with the direct organization of the communities, to face the economic war).

The Government of Venezuela has implemented an increase in the minimum wage of all the sectors within the last few years to alleviate the economic situation of the Venezuelan family. In 2017, five salary increases were realised (January: 50%, May: 60%, July: 50%, September: 40% and November: 40%) and two for 2018 (January: 40% and March: 58%).

These social policies demonstrate that the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has made an extraordinary effort to minimize the impact of the financial and economic blockade, which has affected many Venezuelans, especially those in the most vulnerable sectors within the last few years.

Venezuela will continue progressing and resisting as it has done so far. The people will decide if the direction of their Homeland will continue through the Bolivarian Revolution and once again the people will decide their destiny through the upcoming Presidential elections, on May 20th 2018.

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