Venezuela: Intention to vote for Maduro grows to 52%


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(AVN) – The polls have revealed in recent weeks the expansion and consolidation of the presidential candidacy of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, while the option of the right represented in Henri Falcon has fallen by around 10%, and Javier Bertucci has grown slightly.

The political analyst and experienced journalist José Vicente Rangel said it on his program aired on Sunday by private television Televen, where he also revealed that the most recent study of Hinterlaces account showed that 52% of those polled would vote for Maduro and 22% for Falcon.

In a hypothetical scenario closed only between the candidate of the “Frente Amplio de la Patria” and “Avanzanda Progresista”, the socialist support grows to 57%, compared to 33% for the opposition, according to this signature.

Before the question of who would vote between Maduro and Bertucci, 56% favor the first and 30% the second.

Rangel explained that the rise of Maduro is attributed to the work of the machinery of the “Gran Polo Patriotico” (GPP), regional leaders and a well-crafted publicity about the work of government.

Meanwhile, Falcon has been harmed by a multiple voice that generates confusion, lack of national implementation of his candidacy, programmatic contradiction and attacks from the opposition sector that does not participate in the elections.

At the same time, he points out, Bertucci, of the Hope for Change Movement, has ascended to have an independent image, a soft language without personal aggression, and the flow of support from the evangelical sector given his character as pastor of this church.

The Hinterlaces study included a sample of 1,580 direct telephone interviews in homes for men and women, older than 18 years, of socioeconomic strata A-B, C, D and E, conducted between March 6th and 21st.

It includes all the states of the country, and has a confidence level of 95% and a maximum admissible error of +/- 2.5%.

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