Venezuela: Head of State requested support from workers to defeat corruption

Venezuela: Head of State requested support from workers to defeat corruption

(RNV) – The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, informed that, given the serious denunciations received regarding the CITGO oil corporation, the Head of State requested a few days ago a thorough investigation by the of the Public Ministry.

“It was a blatant and massive theft of the use of the powers delegated by the Republic illegally, unconstitutionally and criminally to make commercial agreements without the authorization of the high authorities of Venezuela (…) I want to congratulate the Attorney General of the Republic , Tarek William Saab, for the speed and the courageous update, and therefore I want to give him my full support (…) a brave Prosecutor has come”, emphasized the first National President.

He showed his satisfaction with the actings of Saab, he asked all the support of the workers of the State-owned PDVSA (Oil company), the unions and the socialist councils to continue in the difficult fight against the anti-values.

“The battle that has corresponded to me has been the hardest in the history of the 200 years here in Miraflores, I have been persecuted, threatened, it is very complex, but I do this to guarantee to all my people the health, education, salaries, alimentation tickets (…) meanwhile there is a group of bandits robbing the people, that is called treason”, he said.

He explained that one of those involved in the case of the CITGO oil corporation, captured by the SEBIN (State’s intelligence agency), resisted to the Venezuelan justice, identifying himself as an American citizen.

“What’s that called? Treason (…) you see, many put on a red shirt (Identified with the Revolution) (…) but on the inside they are rotten (…) we are going to reach the depths, no matter whoever may fall”, he said.

He stressed that he will go to the deep pursuing acts of corruption and that is why he called on the People’s Power to denounce these illicit acts.

“We will reach the depths, whoever may fall (…) no matter the duty or post”


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