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Venezuela denounces US human rights violation report

By Telesur English

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Jorge Arreaza

(TELESUR ENGLISH) – Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza posted on social media, explaining that the United States government has no moral authority to make such accusations.

The Government of Venezuela denounced a Country Report on the Human Rights Practice 2017 issued by the U.S. Department of State, which accused the country of human rights violations.

Venezuelan said “the manipulation of the United States of America’s regime on the subject of human rights with the sole objective of promoting the campaign of aggression and delegitimization of the national powers to justify its policy of ‘change of government’.”

The Bolivarian government released the statement on Saturday, saying the allegations against Venezuela are recurring and routine.

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza posted on social media, explaining that the United States government has no moral authority to make such accusations about any country.

“The U.S. supremacist regime lacks any moral or legal attribute to present itself as a judge in defense of the human rights of peoples when its own practice characterizes it as one of the main historical violators of human rights in the world.”

The minister added that the United States has historically been documented violating human rights.

Arreaza further stated that the U.S. government has been a promoter of “genocidal wars and feeds ruthless conflicts for economic and geopolitical interests, in which civilian populations suffer the complete violation of all their human rights.”

Venezuela added that the country reaffirms its commitment to the promotion, protection, respect and integral defense of human rights.

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  1. I agree 100%. I'm tired of all this nonsense from the United States, sticking their noses in other sovereign nations' affairs while ignoring the gross and constant violations of the rights of African Americans in their own backyard. They have no moral high ground and as such their reports shouldn't mean s**t to anyone, anywhere in the world; fix your own issues and then you can talk to others about fixing theirs. All this crap about human rights violations from a nation which has gone as far as fabricating evidence of weapons of mass destruction to destabilize a foreign government and take control of their oil reserves,a.k.a. sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.

  2. Hmm.. well the man eh lie... the US always bombing other countries for true...


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