Venezuela: ‘Colombia joining NATO a threat to regional peace’

By Telesur English

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(TELESUR ENGLISH) – Colombia will be the first “global partner” of NATO in Latin America, beginning next week, President Juan Manuel Santos announced Friday.

Venezuela has rejected the announcement by Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos that his country will be entering the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as a “global partner.”

“Venezuela denounces once more before the international community the intention of Colombian authorities to lend themselves to introduce, in Latin America and the Caribbean, a foreign military alliance with nuclear capacity, which in every way constitutes a serious threat for peace and regional stability,” a statement by the foreign ministry said.

Likewise, Venezuela reiterated that it supports the historical position of the region to distance itself from the politics and wars of NATO, and from “any other army or military organization that desires to apply force to the suffering of the people, to impose and guarantee the hegemony of a particular political and economic model.”

The statement asks that the Colombian government fulfill its obligations toward peace and peaceful solutions to regional controversies.

Colombia will be the fist “global partner” of NATO in Latin America, beginning next week, President Santos announced Friday.

NATO was founded during the Cold War and was primarily a means for Western nations – led by the United States – to suppress the Soviet Bloc militarily and economically.

It continues to play a major role in modern conflicts, and has engaged in major military interventions in sovereign countries, most recently the removal and murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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  1. I'm no fan of militarism nor forced ouster. However, Maduro needs to go and quickly at that. Venezuela needs to condemn Marxist economics to the dustbin of history as the rest of the world (except Cuba) has done.

  2. SNO, please stop printing Venezuela propaganda. Think about this, you are carrying a press release by Venezuela on Columbia joining NATO. If SNO thinks that this is newsworthy to Lucians, then produce a story or get a press release from NATO or Columbia.

    We are treated to press releases from Venezuela every week on SNO. Should this money be better spent on feeding starving children in Venezuela?

  3. The real threat is Maduro dictatorship. Over 1.5 million Venezuelans left their country out of misery. Mainly to Colombia, Ecuador, Chle and Panama. A.o. in Panama there are about 70,000 Venezuelans 50% legal and 50% illegal.


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