Vendors to receive stipend during construction of new Castries Market

Vendors to receive stipend during construction of new Castries Market

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Office of the Mayor is pleased to inform the general public and members of the business community, in particular vendors operating in the provisions market, of the commencement of the first phase of the Castries Market Redevelopment Project.

Work is scheduled to commence within two weeks.

In preparation for first-phase of construction, the former Fire Service Headquarters Site on Jeremie Street is being made suitably ready as the temporary home for provisions market vendors.

This comes after several consultations with the merchants, who have all welcomed government`s plan to upgrade their place of business.

The stakeholder consultations had focused on the significant components and benefits of the market redevelopment.

As part of the relocation, vendors will receive a stipend to assist them as construction work unfolds.

The Office of the Mayor and the Castries Constituency Council will also work closely with all vendors to prepare them to take full advantage of the new facilities.

The Castries Market Redevelopment Project encompasses a state-of-the-art food court, high-end air conditioned restaurants, a craft market, a box park, a viewing tower, an entertainment area, meat and fish depots, and duty-free shopping boutiques, among other amenities.


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  1. You guys needs to create a walkover by la place carenage, that road as much as it shouldnt a main vein in and out of town, moment boats are in the harbor its chaos...people crossing a mere 30ft slows the entire flow of traffic by 50%. Resolve the building next it...i dont care...but find some way to rid of us this pedestrian crossing.


    Take note; it will be written of and published in international Magazines and St.Lucia
    will once more be on Maps not yet known by many students of Art and Architecture.


  3. If this is the look I don't like it. Easily forgettable AND TOO modern looking, like if I had to look at it without the signage I would not know what country it belongs too. I think they should try to recreate some of the architecture that is unique to St.Lucia or the Caribbean.


      • This has nothing to do with 2019 but everything to do with what will make St.Lucia unique. There is a reason why places like the Frech Quater in New Orleans stands out as a place enriched with culture. If you ever have the chance of visiting a place like the French Quater you would understand why the HISTORY and culture are preserved there. Once you visit that area YOU KNOW what it stands for.
        Modern amenities can be maintained, but in my opinion, some of its histories can be preserved.


    • Anonymous Save the architecture for when you building your home. And don't forget to use pie cun for the roof.


  4. Cyah wait for the negatives or opposition from Ray Charles, Eeee lhear and co. Oh boy de party hacks let's criticize this project too and the PM. RF will find a problem with the contractors who I assume is Fresh Start although they are locals with local engineers and local workmen. Not a bunch of men from India.


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