Vehicles stolen from Pigeon Island and La Clery recovered

By SNO Staff

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A Toyota Cami

(SNO) – At least two people are now relieved after their stolen motor vehicles were recently recovered basically intact.

A blue Toyota Cami, which was stolen at the Live N Colour event on Pigeon Island, Gros Islet between Saturday night, July 28 and Sunday morning, July 29, was recovered around 2 a.m. on Monday in Castries city.

According to the sister of the owner, the Cami was found on a “side street” behind the Chaussée.

“They hot-wired it so [it had] damage under the steering. God was definitely on his side,” the sister said, adding that the vehicle would probably not have been found without the help of the St. Lucia News Online article.

“Many thanks to your team for putting it out there…. Someone saw your article and called. We could not have done it without you. Keep doing great work. We need more efficient media platforms like yours in St Lucia… Many thanks,” she said.

Meanwhile, another motor vehicle, which was reportedly stolen in La Clery, Castries earlier in the week, was recovered at Barnard Hill, Castries by the police on Friday morning, August 3.

A number of vehicles have been reported stolen since the start of the year. Some owners have not been so lucky as their vehicles were found scrapped of almost all parts.

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  1. Happy for the owners, If i was a car owner i would invest in a gps system to track my vehicle anywhere on island. just a thought

  2. Why graveyard and Conway, because Conway and graveyard is a ghetto, everything that happened in a Lucia is them.

  3. Graveyard and Conway. Surprise, surpise. Authorities need to raze those places.

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