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Vehicles burst into flames at Trois Piton (+video)

By SNO Staff

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Two vehicles caught on fire as a result of an accident at Trois Piton, Castries yesterday afternoon, Oct. 31, according to officials.

No one was injured.

The vehicles involved were a Nissan Navara, registration #PB5502, owned by Felix Jacobie, and a GMC Truck, #TG3831, owned by D.G. Farms.

The accident ocurred minutes before 4 p.m.

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  1. Waiting for some ignorant person to say insurance money.

  2. that it is why it is wise after you in a accident and you make sure you safe and not injured you have to turn the ignition of the vehicles off so just in case there is a spark it wont cause a fire unless the vehicles exploded upon impact

    • What! say that again extremely slowly.

      That is why you should have paid attention in your English classes to avoid making comments like that.

      • thank you for pointing out the errors in my English but i can assure you it was just a typographical error which i assume you have never done in your entire life since you paid much more attention than me in English class.


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