Vehicle stolen in La Croix

Vehicle stolen in La Croix

Bandits stole a silver Terios registration number PC7871 sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning in La Croix, Maingot.

The vehicle belongs to Pastor Richard Randolph. Randolph told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that he made the discovery at about 7:00.a.m this morning.

He said the vehicle was parked inside his yard, in an open garage.

“It is not really strange because I have known sometime they would find stolen vehicles about five minutes away from me,” he explained.

He believes that he might have been a target for the bandits and that they were paying attention to the use of the vehicle.

Randolph told SNO that he found it strange however that despite he had an alarm system his vehicle was stolen.

He said whenever the alarm system is activated; it would usually shut down the ignition system of the vehicle.

“So for them to be able to have bypassed that and everything is something strange,” he added.

He referred to the robbery as a high profile one, since the bandits were able to manipulate the security system on his car.

If anyone has any information concerning the whereabouts of the vehicle, they can make contact with the Marigot Police Station at 456-4895 or 285-2361.


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  1. Happy e.w shared that one. For me, it's my trusty club I depend on. It's not full proof but I believe that it's a great deterrent.


  2. well pastor i hope you pray you get your vehicle intact cause a vehicle like that is easily stolen and most times is the shell you getting that is if you find it and it is such a sad thing like that to happen but what else you need to know is despite you have an alarm on the vehicle all the bandits have to do is get a car battery AND DO SOME JIMIFLICKS TO BURN THE CAR ALARM AND MAKE OFF WITH YOUR RIDE.I HOPE YOU GET IT BACK BEFORE ITS TOO Late


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