Car stolen from Bois D’Orange was being driven around with its original number plate

Car stolen from Bois D’Orange was being driven around with its original number plate

A stolen Chevrolet Spark motor vehicle was recovered hours after it was stolen from Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet, according to reports.

A reliable source told St. Lucia News Online that the vehicle was discovered late Tuesday evening after it was spotted earlier by a civilian.

The Spark was reportedly stolen around 5 a.m. Tuesday. St. Lucia News Online posted an article on the theft in which it revealed the vehicle’s registration number.

“It was spotted going towards the Ciceron area,” the source said. “It was being driven with the number plate on and a civilian spotted it and notified us. We found it parked with nobody inside and a screwdriver in the ignition at around 10 pm last night (Tuesday) and we recovered it.”

The source said it was “very odd” to have found a vehicle with its original number (license) plate. Normally, thieves would replace the original with a fake one or one from another vehicle.

“It looked like he was coming back for it because the screwdriver was still in the ignition,” the source added.

Luckily, the vehicle was found mostly intact, however, the locks were damaged.

No one has been arrested in connection with the theft.


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  1. did the cops dust for finger prints?.......maybe they have the thief's print on file already


  2. jackass police why didnt yall hide around the area to see who was coming back for the car and arrest them idiots. smdh


  3. Great job civilian! Well done! We really need more people like you.. Now with regards to police work, considering that the screw driver was still in the ignition. I would have called for back-up ( with unmarked vehicles of course) and wait for the thief to come back... and vwarlah!! The thief is caught red handed...but then again what do i know? I'm just a citizen.


  4. 2019 and we still calling it a "motor vehicle" like village people that never see car before lol.


    • Why is it every part of you all is so violent? Now you understand why violence in St. Lucia is not an end its a beginning. It is also a beginning of the end. Whosoever is wise will understand.


      • well i guess the violence is there cause the thief stole the person thing so if they didnt steal it then no violence so is people like the thief thats why violence will not end. lool


      • Good deeds by its very nature can never be or beat evil. To beat evil you must become the devil.


        • I wonder what Jesus would have said to your philosophy. To become the devil is being the devil. This is exactly why you pray "lead us not into temptation." Lots of people pry but don't understand the meaning , yet they figure they are covered by God. How could you pray what you don't understand. There will always be thieving and evil, obviously, it takes restraint, reverence and intelligence to tackle it. Even if you kill a thief don't you think that someone who benefits from his exploits or his family will feel that you had no right?


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