Vehicle damaged in gunbattle between cop and armed suspect in Castries

By SNO Staff

No one was injured but property damage was reported during a shootout between a police officer and a gunman in Castries city early Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 12).

The incident occurred between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Reports are that the gunbattle broke out between the cop and the armed suspect near Riverside Road, Castries.

The shooutout ended in the Grass Street neighbourhood where the gunmen allegedly fled.

A car was was damaged in the gunbattle but no one sustained injuries.

A number of police officers including the Special Services Unit responded to the shooting.

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  1. I am not saying this should happen, but this is the future of our island when the law remains the same and the criminals and weapon of choice has changed tactics. As you can see St. Lucia is having a competition with its last year’s quota on killings We are up to 37 deaths already wow and the year has not ended yet. This is the crap that we should be ranting and raving about in our communities and its safety, not what politicians are bickering about. They are going to get paid every pay period regardless with the extra under the table we don’t know about. The problem is we sometimes complain about the wrong things. We need to have much better and safer environment for US. The problem is WE ARE NOT SAFE ANYMORE…since we are surrounded by alcohol, drugs, guns, and the list goes on. Too many people do not want to change with the times, St. Lucia is not ahead as you think. Compared to the different countries we living on the edge and still stuck in the late 90’s thinking we are in the year 2017. “Have we taken a good look at the surrounding ghettos lately “Our whole societal structure must be up to par, starting with our people mindset. We need to do better cause I know we can. Stop waiting on government to tell you how to think and give you a handout. We need to start using what is between our ears which is call the “BRAIN”

  2. All you lucians hypocrite. If was some nonsense shooting you all would be quick to comment but , it's a situation where first of all illegal fire arm involve and people sheltering the gunman. Secondly firing at police .( innocent people could have been hurt ) no one has yet to condone this coward and senseless act in the middle of the city . Remember we depend on tourism. Not good news for the international market.

    • You could have easily made your point without resorting to an asinine comment such as: "All you Lucians hypocrite." It's that vitriolic anger, caveman mentality and a dismal inability to rationally deal with adversity that breeds such idiots whose warped concept of conflict resolution is to indulge in such brainless violence.

      Firing at a cop in broad daylight for goodness sake. What a useless waste of space Saint Lucia could hapilly do without.

      Literally playing


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