Vegan friendly Devil’s Advocate beer is a hit in Bermuda

Vegan friendly Devil’s Advocate beer is a hit in Bermuda

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Bermuda locals and visitors alike love the dangerously drinkable Devil’s Advocate.

Devil’s Advocate (8.8% ABV) brewed by Church Street Brewing Company this once Limited beer is available near you right here in St. George.

“People really seem to like it,” said surprised Supermart Limited Beverage Manager Terry Wolf. “We have new beer brands all the time, but people seem to really like that Devil’s [Advocate].” Anheuser-Busch claims American beer drinkers are a dying breed, but obviously American craft beer drinkers in Bermuda did not get that memo.

Sold in retail for nearly a year now, Church Street Brewing Company has rapidly become one of Chicago’s greatest selling, and fastest growing, brands in only five short years. Becoming a household name at home and abroad, find award-winning favorites Devil’s Advocate, Heavenly Helles lager, and Brimstone IPA on your next weekly stock up trip to the Supermart Limited. Your favorite Bermuda craft beer retailer, Supermart Limited. Hundreds of craft beers from across the world Stop in to or Order delivery, get your Devil’s Advocate today.


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