VAT waived on barrels this Christmas

Office of the Prime Minister

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The House of Assembly approved the waiver of VAT to allow the granting of concessions on Christmas Barrels.

In October 2014, Cabinet agreed that the concessions would be granted this Christmas season and approved the transmission of appropriate legal instrument to Parliament, to allow the waiver of VAT.

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014, Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony presented a resolution to Parliament, seeking an amendment to the VAT Act, to allow for the waiver of the tax.

The Prime Minister also announced the terms and conditions of the concessions. They are:

1. 100% Waiver of Import Duty on personal items, food, clothing, toys and other household consumables, contained in barrels imported between December 1, 2014 and February 15, 2015. Electronic items are explicitly excluded;

2. The number of barrels that would qualify for the concessions would be limited to two per household;

3. There would be an upper limit of EC $2,500.00 per barrel on the value of items qualifying for the concessions;

4. The items identified in one (1) above must be for personal use only, and not for commercial use; and

5. The usual penalties, fines, etc. would be applied if the goods are used for commercial purposes.

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  1. It can worth about 1000-2500 $$. Converting from US to EC or other currencies to EC dollars.

  2. I don't like the hassle of purchaseing goods to send over. I have always been sending money. My family appriciate more. £12,00

  3. Guys come on be realistic
    what more do we want from the government.

  4. most times the people are charged more than the barrel is worth

  5. Allana clearly has never packed a Barrell before. Clearly Allana does not comprehend that EC 500 is only USD 180. I think you better stay off this page period.

    More seriously. Why is govt even contemplating locals pay VAT on barrels when so many other taxes (even VAT in some cases) have been paid. Thats double crossing citizens.

    Give us a break bro!

  6. there is no way in hell or on earth a barrel can be worth EC$2,500.First of all the barrels dont take that much stuff my opinion a barrel can hold EC$400 to $500 not more canned stuff oil rice pasta please give me a break

    • Shut the hell up stupid,have you ever try fulling one barrel up? Let me tell you a jumbo takes alot not only can stuff I used to send three barrels down every year to my father in-law and family jumbos at that when I see how this was taking too much from me I put a stop in it once and for all,you talk about enemies ha ha no more barrels. I use to put everything in there liquid soap, softner, sugar, rice, ragu sauce, beans, sodas, tea, cereal, hot choclate even onions and garlic because the container took seven days to get home from the state I reside. So please if you do not know what you talking about say nothing at all, again it's a hassle to go shopping from store to store cutting coupons looking for sales B J's was the place I used to buy to get everything in bulk and bigger packages, pack it up pay for pick up pay to send it down it is not $400.00 EC when all is done a couple thousands gone down the drain and my greedy in-laws NEVER say thanks nor send me a St.Lucian sugar cake to eat just thinking of it makes me sick. The only person I would do this for is my Mom and she's up here with us, she was the one who send for us thirty eight years ago thanks Mom. Again if you do not know what you talking about keep your fingers of the keyboard and keep your flappers shut.

  7. O please; STOP complaining. Your family can clear the barrel for free, and only you know how much you spent as long as you don't leave the price tags on. Be thankful.

  8. Here i was thinking I could benefit, I remember last year or early this year hearing how construction workers etc loved the help. 2,500 EC is the limit? On PERSONAL items? 0 Electronics? This benefits a school child.

  9. We must try to listen to the new ,they are not charging $2,500.00 per barrel . The items in the barrel must not exceed more then $2,500.00 .

  10. This is still not right 2,500:00 ?per barrel this is crazy, and it suppose to be for personal use?

  11. well just let ucians get their barrels like they used to before with all them rules and regulations

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