UWP’s Peterson Francis wins runoff for Central Castries

UWP’s Peterson Francis wins runoff for Central Castries
Peterson Francis
Peterson Francis
Peterson Francis

Peterson Francis has won the runoff to represent the main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) in Central Castries in the next general elections.

Francis defeated Bain Nathaniel at the UWP’s run-off held Saturday, Nov. 28 at the St. Lucia Seamen Waterfront and General Workers Union, Castries.

Francis, who along with brother Hermangild Francis left the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), reportedly tallied 36 votes and Nathaniel got two.

His nomination will now to go to the UWP’s executive council for final approval.

Stanley Felix (SLP) and Richard Frederick, the former UWP candidate, who may run as an independent candidate, are the other possible candidates for Central Castries.


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  1. Kenny -- do us a favour and call elections ASAP.

    You might as well just let St Lucia get over this travesty called the UWP under the leadership of Chastanet.
    The only problem is that if he has 'bought' Micoud South we might be stuck with him as leader of the opposition! Lol!!

    Chastanet does not have an idea in his head and the thought of him as leading this country turns off 80% of St Lucians.

    So call elections so we can show the UWP that confusing their war with King and Fredericks and Bousquet, with winning an elections is madness. They must be possessed to be so crazy to rather have 5 more years of Kenny than ditch that waste of time Chastanet!


    • The administrative Committee of the Saint Lucia Seamen Waterfont and General Workers Trade Union wishes to set the record straight as it in relation to the news that this activity took place at the Union. Let me indicate that the Executive is not aware and did not sanction this activity. The Union is in noway affiliated to this and is calling on the to do due deligence to their profession and disassociate the Name of the Union in reporting on this matter.


  2. So party hacks on both sides getting orgasmic over whether or not another incompetent runs a seat. Any of the candidates mentioned have proven to be nothing but egotists and opportunists trying to make a name for themselves off the back of the Lucian taxpayer.
    Which of these individuals have made a difference in the quality of life of St. Lucians?
    Which of them have contributed one idea to alleviate unemployment or mental illness or decency in the society?
    Which of them have any ideas to create jobs or lower the national debt which stands at almost $2 billion?
    Which of these at the end of five years will have done anything else but get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxes or borrowings ?

    At the end of the day we are to blame for taking these political charletans seriously. As a group they have caused nothing but disunity in the country and destroyed our society.


  3. Sipping my tea while I laugh my ass off at Febert..... ??! Ah another Francis ???.... Almost spilled my tea laughing at a few of these comments...??


  4. UWP can send who they want they will not win the next election. There is too much problems in that party. All those SLP people come in the UWP and making a mess with it, if Compton was alive that could never happen. Peterson will not win Richard Frederick will win that seat again, as an independent candidate.


    • You are so wrong my friend. This is the real test, the same Frederick who won the seat as an independent candidate before will be soundly defeated this time if he runs as an independent candidate. The sad news is that FELIX will win and he is no different to Frederick, what a waste in our land.


  5. I am beginning to wonder whether this man is an operative of the labour party who is being planted among the Flambeaus to disrupt their flow in Central Castries. Who is Peterson Francis and what does he stand for?The Francis' family have always been Labour supporters and now all of a sudden you have this opportunist seeking refuge among his one time foes. He is now the UWP's poster boy for Central Castries. This Machiavellian character have just committed one of the most inescapable faux pas in St Lucian politics. It's no wonder people in this country have become disenchanted with politics and politicians. He has compromised his principles to jump ship.

    How can a man whose family have devoted so much time effort and energy to the Labour cause suddenly jump ship? This man's brother is a very senior member of the party in power. Why is this Francis brother being so spiteful? Not so long ago you had another brother trying to bluff his way and was rejected by the people of Anse La Raye. These men are trying to bring Labour into disrepute no doubt with their catty attitudes.

    The Labour party will feel betrayed and aggrieved by the actions of these two 'least of all' individuals. These are men who will be privy to everything that is emanating from the top echelons of the Labour party. Families in St Lucia do talk to each other. They tell each other what is happening. They do not hide from each other and this family is no exception. Labour's strategies and planning could be easily laid bare before they know it. The Flambeaus must be laughing all the way to the polls. With all the infighting that is going on this could come as a morale boost for the party. Just what the doctor ordered to get things going in a positive light. Their little earner.

    You cannot afford to have the brothers of the deputy chairman of a political party moving in an opposite direction without any plausible explanation. People in Central Castries need answers from this new candidate. They need to know whether he will deliver on the promises he will be making to them. His true allegiance will be called into question. Why were you Labour at one time and now Flambeau? This is a fly-by-night decision which could have repercussions for all concerned including the electorate. The Labour party has found itself in a very perplexing situation and will have it's work cut out. Under Dr. Anthony they have done considerably well. Labour is now a force to be reckoned with. The prime minister has his troops tucked under his wings and affords them all the support he can muster under the St Lucian sun.He and his soldiers with have to be very careful from this day onward. Claudius Francis will have to issue a statement to put the minds of the Labour party and it's supporters at rest.People will want reassurance from him which won't be easy. He will be split between party political loyalty and allegiance to his brothers. Which one will he choose? The situation he now finds himself in is a very delicate one. You cannot talk out of both sides of your mouth. One cannot serve two masters.

    The Right Hon.Richard Frederick is the current MP for Central Castries. He has represented his constituents very well and will be hard to beat. Richard will retain his seat and may well decide to rejoin the UWP. The People of Central regard him as their beacon of hope and will do everything in their power to keep him as their district Representative. I cannot see anyone defeating him. The labour candidate will put up a good fight but the pendulum is swinging in the Right Hon. Richard Frederick's direction. I have called for him to be made party leader. I think Mr. Frederick will make an excellent leader. He is the consummate politician. He is polished,impeccable and ideally suited for that role. He is a man of complete and confirmed integrity and prowess.

    The Labourites are bound to be asking questions about this defection which is happening right under the armpits of the leader of the senate. His brothers have deserted the party unceremoniously and there is precious little he can do about it. How is he feeling right now? Can he himself be trusted to maintain the whip in the senate? Right now in the Francis's household there will be two schools of thoughts. One Right and one left which will inevitably create a combat ready atmosphere. Plenty of brotherly fire will ensue. Brother against brother battling it out politically. People better steer well clear of this one.There is an old African saying 'when elephants fight it's the grass that suffer.'

    Peterson Francis has no chance of winning the Central Castries seat. He is not only an opportunist but propagandist for the opposition. They will use him to their advantage to not only find out what is going on in the Labour camp but to reassure the electorate as to why they should be given a chance to govern this country.They will swim with this rhetoric :'The brothers of the chairman of the SLPhave come over to us and so should you non-flambeaus. Join us like they have so we can win.'

    The People of Central Castries need to send this grabby and attention seeking little man packing. Give him a good pasting so he will learn never to betray his principles for the sake of political self-interest and self indulgence. Central Castries need real Politicians not opportunists. If This man can do this to the party he was once a part of then he can certainly do it to you the party that he now finds himself in. A party cannot be destroyed from the outside but from within - Be careful what you let in among yourselves people.

    MalColm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin, Germany


    • Get over yourself,there is no such THING as Haitian -Lucian stay in your Haitian section you have enough problems over there please help them solve it. We St.Lucian can handle our own problems,without [email protected]#$%^g up our own Country oh the beauty of St.Lucia is to die for.


  6. Good for richard federick. His political career is over. I am a strong flambeau supporter but i would still choose stanley over richard federi k


  7. Another political immigrant trying to make it.I dislike tazans.Sorry even Frederick will give you licks.Slp should be smiling.


  8. One of us! Peterson and by extension the Francis brothers have always been in CDC and have kept close to the people. Claudius is in the CDC daily. They are familar. They are family. Peterson dont waste your time in the old and new CDC. We are with you. We know who you are. You one of us!


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