UWP Women’s Arm – International Women’s Day

UWP Women’s Arm – International Women’s Day

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The UWP Women’s Arm congratulate all women in St. Lucia, Regionally and Internationally.

Today we celebrate our women through all walks of life. There are single mothers, abused mothers, who still find within them to stand for what is right and protect their children.

We celebrate our four Women Ministers within the Government, Women who are Senior advisors, Present First Lady and Former first Ladies.

Women Entrepreneurs, women within our Health, Education, Security, Legal institutions. Women within the tourism, Public and Private Sectors.

We want to celebrate and honor women’s histories, contributions, sacred customs, and societal advances that have had a profound impact on St. Lucia and the world in an effort to foster peace and goodwill globally.

We continue to celebrate all women who press for progress!


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