UWP wins general election

By SNO Staff

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Allen Chastanet

Allen Chastanet.

The United Workers Party (UWP) has been declared the winner of the 2016 general election, after claiming 11 of the 17 constituency seats.

The ‘Flambeau’ will now form Saint Lucia’s new government, after the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) only managed to win six constituency seats.

Chastanet secured 2,495 votes to his opponent’s 1,446 to become the next Member of Parliament (MP) of Micoud South.

But the biggest win for the night was in Gros-Islet, where former minister, Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute crushed SLP’s Emma Hippolyte, by winning 6,344 votes to her 4,552.

Former Prime Minister, Stephenson King also won his Castries North seat by a massive margin, obtaining 3,774 votes to the 1,482 of the SLP’s John Charlery.

Newcomers, Dominic Fedee and Bradley Felix also surprised the nation by wining their seats in Anse La Raye/Canaries and Choiseul/ Saltibus respectively.

Former minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, Herod Stanislaus,  Edmund Estaphane, Guy Joseph and Ezechiel Joseph also won their respective constituencies.

SLP’s Political leader, Kenny Anthony regained his Vieux Fort South seat, gaining 2,439 votes, and SLP Deputy Political leader Philip J. Pierre gained 2,901 votes to secure another win.

Alva Baptiste also won the Laborie seat by 2,094 to 1468 votes, while Ernest Hilaire, Moses Jn Baptiste and Shawn Edward also won their respective constituencies.

This year’s election saw a small voter turnout, the same as the 2011 general election.


2016 eletion results

2016 eletion results

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  1. Jomoshamgar Lubumba

    Ok, let's heed the call to Stop the Hatred against Dr K.D. Anthony. I agree with that! A campaign divides, but an election is a decision. The People have spoken! So, let's come back to the present which is already in progress.

  2. Jomoshamgar Lubumba

    Ok, let's heed the call to Stop the Hatred against Dr K.D. Anthony. I agree with that! A campaign divides, but an election on. The People have spoken! So, let's come back to the present which is already in progress.

    Shall we begin a Nationwide discussion on a National Museum for St. Lucia. Long overdue. Under the last Labour Party administration the Married Women's Quarters at Vigie was vested to the National Trust toward establishing a National Museum. However, most experts reasonable conclude that the best space or site to house the National Museum is the old mad house or La Toc building.
    However, the former PM insisted that it should be his Head Quarters at a tune of $50 million dollars. Money we need badly for education and health. That was communicated to the then PM, but he was hell bent on spending $50 million dollars for his office. Now that he is out of office, I am appeal to the new UWP administration and the National Trust to consider the La Toc site for the National Museum and not the Vigie Site.

    It would be cheaper to restore the La Toc site for the National Museum. The Vigie site will cost an arm and a leg........plus the La Toc site is more accessible to both local and visitors alike. In addition, Vigie is a residential area and would not go well with the traffic a National Museum would generate and carry. We need to start zoning properly for sustainable development. The National Museum would fit in nicely with the proposed development for the Hospital Road - Millennium Highway project including the Bannan seascape boardwalk.

    As for the Vigie site, let's put it to another income generating use .....something that will bring more revenue than a museum would, given the vast amount of money needed to restore the Vigie building.

  3. Please pay for 2017 cxc for the needy children

  4. Well, well, well. I did not see this coming. I predicted the election would be close based on the feelings on the ground but still had the SLP ahead. This just goes to show that the power belongs to the people! We put you in, we will take you out. Our politicians need to understand that. UWP need to understand that they will be going out also if they do not perform. We no longer vote based on the party our grandparents voted for. We are no longer fooled by empty promises and last minute election projects.

    SLP lost the election on many fronts. First they made this personal. The minute the PM said the election was between the SLP and the Chastenets he made a mistake. The negative ads instead of focusing on important issues did not help. We all have our problems, pointing out the other person's faults was hypocritical and Lucians saw right through that.
    The venom being spewed by the people on SLAPS was also a factor that helped push people away. I know supporters from both parties do it, but SLAPS was taking their disrespect to a whole different level.

    Jadia did not help the SLP. When you are in such a position you must be able to energize your supporters while trying to woo and attract undecided voters and supporters from the other parties. Her take no prisoners approach turned off some SLP supporters and energized the UWP supporters against her.

    The state of the country also was a factor; unemployment is high, crime is high, people are broke and frustrated.

    The perceived arrogance of the SLP was a big factor. Citizens didn't get the feeling that they understood their hardships nor that they cared.

    Wishing the UWP all the best in governing this country of ours. It will be hard work but hope we can get this country back on track for all St. Lucians.

  5. Please Mr. PM make it right for the poor people. Remove that high VAT on the poor lucians.

  6. I pray that God will give the UWP wisdom and strength run this country well. Always put God in everything that you do. Majority of the nation voted for you. So you have our support. Some people are waiting for the party to fail like those who are giving thumbs down for every good comment made. Dont be swell headed and arrogant like Kenny.

  7. ?????????????????????????????????? well done st.lucia ????????????????????????????

  8. Mr Allan Chastanet and all the members of the UWP families, CONGRATULATIONS.... Please allow our new Prime Minister to do his job...remember Rome was not built in a day...allow him time to get the Island back on track, it may take a few years but please, be patient.
    God is sovereign, in his word....BIBLE.......he said, he puts and remove Government.....
    Let us pray for the new Government, let us pray for our Island St.Lucia, for it's prosperity and peace.

  9. ongrats to him and his friends! guy joseph, stephenson king, spider yall are all excellent and qualified politicians, role models to the youth last time yall were in power you all did amazing things dont know we voted yall out but keep up the good work

  10. Juliana Gabreil

    Congratulation UWP
    I am a proud Lucian we all have to work together and get sweet St Lucia back

    • We are a small Nation.One people,one Lucian family.Let's unite and make Government work for all the people.Let's identify the problems and solve them now.Always remember that we the people,have a God given right.To life,liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS to UWP and fellow St. Lucians. Mr. Chastenet please remember you will be Prime Minister Of all lucians not just flambeau. Congrats!!

  12. Amazing. People actually expect a difference! HAHAHAHAHAH!! Could it be that after all these years lucians eh realise that UWP and SLP are just different faces for the same thing.

    Me personally I didnt vote, how could I? There hasnt been one serious debate between the parties just a whole bunch of motorcades and rallies. How can I make an informed decision?

    Lucian politics is like a bunch of monkeys meeting up in the forest to make noise. You could see them in the streets whining while they chase the speakers, jeering at each other. There has never been more truth to the statement : Politicians are a reflection of ourselves.


  14. No more VAT ! Excellent Health Care ! Functioning Forensic Crime Lab ! Jobs for the unemployed and a significant reduction in major crimes !

  15. Please St. Lucians can now go to the USA without a VISA.

  16. well well well. what is there to say again! when I consider the arrogance of Kenny and his administration it is clear that humility pays. So he thought he was catching the opposition with their pants down by calling the election within such an unreasonable short space. But guess what! It's not by might nor by power but by the Spirit. It is apparent that God is in it. Little did he know that he would only get 6 seats!What a miracle! God be praised. Arogance Arogance Arogance. How I detested such!
    That's a lesson for all of us. He who humbles himself shall be uplifted.
    I kept going over the possibilities but could not see how it was possible. Lesson: Have faith! God's will prevailed.
    So much I can say!
    Congrats to UWP. WELL DONE! Who vex tuff! We did it!
    However, no biasness. Work or out next election!

  17. YEAH BABY ..................... HAPPY FOR THIS WIN.


    For those who voted the SLP like Castries East, oh well you all are used to MISERY AND LIVE LIKE COCKROACHES. Toilets in your kitchens so that's why you never see any progress in these areas.

    Lorne Take That "L" and ...... How about Dalson Take That too.

    Great Job UWP Voters. Happy with the results.

  18. I await to see the elimination of VAT , a significant reduction of major crimes, jobs for the youths, and excellent health care for the masses.

  19. What is made clear in this election is that, the new generation of voters are no longer GULLIBLE to political propaganda and trickery, but are a discerning set of people fully able to separate facts from fiction. They are no longer prepared to toe the party line because of familial affiliation or history.

    They are a thinking and observant lot that are no longer prepared to be tricked by final year government gimmicks - shabby new road construction, rushed road surface re-pavement, last minute sidewalks & poorly constructed footpaths; the many unfinished projects and untold wastage of money; whether government/people or the party's funds, they could care less.

    They are prepared to put value on their votes and not be swayed by money, paint, plywood, promises or rum.

    Come on St. Lucian you have shown that you can raise the bar and not be "sheep or cattle" in the politician's backyard farms. Let's keep it up and hold the new government to this same high standard as well, to build a better St. Lucia for all.

    Just one last word for Mr. Peter Wickham and CADRES. If you needed any vindication of your expertise and scientific qualification, we the St. Lucian people have delivered it and/or have redeemed it.


  20. Congratulations Mr. Chastanet to you and your team. Praise God for St. Lucia

  21. Wow! I am so proud of St. Lucia! We are not to be taken for fools. No one gets away with disrespect in high office under the nose of the St. Lucian public. The mood on social media and elsewhere should have warned the SLP. Now that Kenny is gone from politics he needs to reflect on his legacy. Was Dr. Hilarious worth throwing an entire nation under the bus ? Why let your legacy be tainted in this manner? As an international embarrassment Ernest Hilaire had to be dealt with. St. Lucia is a democracy that is fast maturing and the next missteps by any government will not be just about the media, we will be taking to the streets and demanding resignations. Now Ernesto Destructo needs to be formally investigated by the government. The message must be sent to the Caribbean and the broader international community that we are a serious country and not just a banana republic no matter what our size.

  22. our holiday

  23. Change has come so let us all embrace it .Chastanet the pressure is on you to deliver all the promises or else you will end up the same way.

  24. They cut the grass behind the grass on the side of the road and they left Kenny on the side of the road. Now team workers, we don't have time for games. Please make this term count to turn Saint Lucia around. Go team!!!!!!

  25. There are particular cultural peculiarities that keep us back as a country. The fact that Allan Chasenet has not been totally indoctrinated in that culture give me hope. Now is the time for all St. Lucia to put their shoulders to the wheel and work for the benefit of all.

  26. Keep up the good work .My God bless you and keep you.

    I'M very happy to hear that UWP is in power ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺?

  27. The Commentator

    Since the SLP supporters are disappointed with this result then one can say "YO FACHE."

  28. Congratulations UWP on your victory from the people of St Maarten/Sint Martin

  29. Congrats to the UWP party st Lucian's please make sure they live up to their promises we the people have to interact more with the leaders so they hear our voices but not go and ask them to pay rent and bills but the better of the country. Congrats to all.

  30. Well done uwp. ..
    Am sure the leader will lead in the right direction to promote tourism as part of his business, our beautiful island needs more hotels to have more work and repair that big dificet.

  31. Thanks! Congratulations to all St. Lucians and more so, supporters of the UWP. The work has now started, and I am hopeful that you will do a good job. Start by addressing the VAT issue. You promised the people (ALL THE PEOPLE) that you are going to work in the best of St. Lucia and its people. Now is the time for you to prove yourself. They/we are watching. Good luck as you face the many challenges ahead.

  32. well well well. what is there to say again! when I consider the arrogance of Kenny and his administration it is clear that humility pays. So he thought he was catching the opposition with their pants down by calling the election within such an unreasonable short space. But guess what! It's not by might nor by power but by the Spirit. It is apparent that God is in it. Little did he know that he would only get 6 seats!What a miracle! God be praised. Arogance Arogance Arogance. How I detested such!
    That's a lesson for all of us. He who humbles himself shall be uplifted.
    I kept going over the possibilities but could not see how it was possible. Lesson: Have faith! God's will prevailed.
    So much I can say!
    Congrats to UWP. WELL DONE! Who vex tuff! We did it!

  33. Lucian on vacation in Sweden

    Congrats UWP.

  34. Casilia Leandre

    God bless St. Lucia.
    Heavenly Father, I thank you for this beautiful Island. I pray the heart of the people will turn yo you.
    You are the one who lifts up and you you also bring down.
    Grant the chosen leader wisdom and understanding . May he have a heart for you Lord God and those under his leadership walk in your integrity.
    I pray that St lucia will flourish. May it's good soil bring forth abundantly. God bless St. Lucia richly.

  35. It's not just the politician who should be accountable. The lazy, complacent, civil and public servant need a shake/ up too. Those sitting behind desks in government building with little or no idea what they are doing and getting paid regardless should also answer to the people.
    St Lucia the Judicial / education / medical / system needs to be addressed.
    There is no point voting in new 'fat cats' if you leave the bad and broken systems in place. You are just allowing another lot of greedy power mad despots in to take your wealth, health and security.
    I wish the new Prime Minister and his Government well and Pray the Good LORD blesses them with his wisdom and discernment during their time in office.
    God bless and keep you my people of St Lucia.
    We all need to pull together to start repairing the Island.

  36. We not playing it's high time dem politicians know we that giving them a bread and not the other way around. So deliver and if you don't ;guess what you will be out after ;not even the 4 and a half years after 3 years

  37. I am NOT a UWP in any shape, form or fashion. However, the road ahead is FIVE LONG HARD years to reverse the stupidness of the last 10. Yes, ten.
    Poor Saint Lucia has had one cabal following another that passed for a government. We have started to sweep and clean. That's good.
    Undoing all the foolishness of the arrogantly stupid people will take MORE THAN JUST FIVE YEARS to accomplish. National policy choices will hopefully be driven by fairness, equity, and equal opportunity for all the age groups, with new avenues for genuine growth especially for our millennials. They are very much at risk. So few of our older ones in the population really understand them. Let's all put our shoulder to the wheel. The ship of state is in better hands.

  38. SLU online poll was the greatest. There was no need to conduct these other polls.

  39. Allan you have more to lose than any of the others because of ur family investments. If the country do bad your family investments suffer remember that. Congrats Mr. Prime minister i'm happy to give you a chance. Just rem we boll out losers quickly. Lucians keep up the trend.

  40. I am proud of my fellow Lucians for sending a clear message to the politicians, that we the people are the boss, not the other way around. If you don't perform to our satisfaction, we will fire you. Don't be arrogant to us and treat us like idiots. When we ask you questions about matters of state, we expect answers, not insults.

    Hope the UWP has gotten the hint. If you don't perform or give us "attitude", you'll be hitting the road by 2021, if not before.

    • Congratulations UWP; the St Lucian people have spoken , let us get these two hospitals
      Working ASAP.
      Essex , UK

  41. The winners have nothing to pay themselves in the back for. The people wanted change, so they have given you an opportunity to prove yourselves. Don't squander this opportunity by enlarging yourselves at the expense of the people's needs. See the lessons in this election - no performance, no seat next time.

  42. Here we go again! What Now?
    Hope it's not going to be more of the Same old Sh.........


  43. Indeed St Lucians have spoken. I wish UWP well and pray that they can really make change. It's work time and less talk let's get this country moving. Now it's time to help everyone and not just friends this whole non sense have to stop. Some people are crying now because their party didn't make it or their rep is no longer in power for them to think they are in charge because they voted a party. God is good. Spider when people have problems please do not Say yes and months down the line you forget. Aunty Emma
    Helped persons she wanted always ask people to send her emails or come to her office. Spider I hope you learn from the past and you come to make things better for Gros Ilset and surrounding. Let's get to work plenty to do.

  44. It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.......I believe in uwp

  45. power to the people. you mess up we vote you out. please take note and be reminded all you politicians who figure out that you are not accountable to the masses.

  46. Change is not coming BUT here

    Now that we did it...dont screw up!! Get to work for the better of us ALL not just a few..

  47. Concerned Citizen

    Hope the new Govt treats Helen and her people well.
    Well Done Voters, let us hold our officials accountable.

  48. St.Luciana in Canada rejoicing that UWP won, with the way we see our beautiful deteriorating under SLP, I couldn't be happier for a fresh government to come and change things.
    Lucians have spoken and showed that we no longer bull shit or see colours anymore when it comes to our country.
    Proud of Saint Lucia, at least we give another a chance to change things. If Chastnet form the fool agin, we just voting him out next election

  49. Fellow st.lucians

    Bravo to all ST.Lucians. We are smart people. Now we have a rough journey to travel. Let us all take a deep breath and brush the dust off. We have a country to bring back to the map and the world is watching. Congratulations to our new government. Those of you UWP candidates who did not win your seats, do not be disappointed, we are with you. With your heads held high I can tell you it was a good fight. We are all winners today. We are proud of you.

  50. I took the day off just to stay home and watch the results. Thanks my people you all make me proud. To my new PM and his colleague stay bless. I sign off from HTS it is now 11:11 pm in St.Lucia and the state I reside in the US,glad everything went down safe, as my husband often say may the best man win and yes they did. To all my fellow UWP's I love you much.

  51. Many congratulations Allen (PM) to you and UWP, a well deserved win! Fantastic win for everyone and now St Lucia can steer in the right direction with you at her helm.

  52. So that's where the other six (6) was?

  53. Who feels it knows it

    Well done Allan Chastanet and the United Workers Party

  54. Allen, three words...DON'T SCREW UP! See your country as a whole unit, and not one part here and another one there...even if they didn't vote for you. Congrats dude!

  55. To God be the glory great things he has done.to all the others who didnt win the fight was close.now start working!!!!!!

  56. The people have SPOKEN

    The people have spoken that if a government is doing nonsense then they will be voted out. The youth came out to invest in their future and showed that their are a forced to be reckoned with. Congrats to the United Workers Party. I wish you all the best and hope and pray that for the sake of our beautiful island of St. Lucia you guys live up to your promises. With that said I hope the people of St. Lucia stand up and hold the elected officials accountable... Again in the next 5 years if UWP follows the same path as SLP rest assured they will be voted out again. It is time those politicians realize that St. Lucians are not as stupid as they think and will drink anything (like fix roads weeks before elections). We the people have a voice and it is time we start using this voice. All the best for the 5 years!!!!!

  57. Kenny should have listened when the people asked for clarification on the Juffali scandal. Ernesto destructo in his usual manner of destroying everything he touches cost SLP this election. Kenny tried to shove a man of zero integrity down people's throat and he paid a heavy price. This is absolutely Hilarious

  58. Slp call snap elections and put date on 06.06.16.

    They end up with 6 seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Congrats to UWP and more specifically to the people of St. Lucia. You showed those useless politicians who have the power. All those last minute road fixings and concrete walkways didn't help you Kenny. Don't expect it to do the same for you Chastanet. We watching you from day 1. You mess around, you following Kenny.

    • Class my friend, class. Why can't we show some of that. IT took four years for you
      to be brave and act like a bully. NOW BE PATIENT and watch. The change is already there.

  60. Let me say congrats to all st. Lucian's and I'm particularly,, supports of the yellow machine.

  61. Congratulations!!! Be guided with Godly wisdom.

  62. Congratulations.... Learn a few things from Sir John Compton and you will endure. May God Bless you and may God bless the wonderful citizens of St Lucia.

  63. It was time. Congratulations. Now the People need work...so make it snappy... We are in need and wanting...
    We've turned the page, and a new day has dawned...please work to rearrange what is right and what's wrong...the country has drifted too far. Reel it back in...don't make the people regret their choice.

  64. Don't cry j. U saved enough money. The heavy rains wash away the zenzen

  65. When is the holiday?


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