UWP will allow British to investigate Gobat’s murder: Francis

UWP will allow British to investigate Gobat’s murder: Francis
Oliver Gobat.
Oliver Gobat.
Oliver Gobat.

United Workers Party (UWP) member, Hermangild Francis, announced on Sunday that if elected, his party will allow Britain to investigate the gruesome murder of hotelier, Oliver Gobat.

Francis, a former Deputy Police Chief, told a UWP rally on Sunday at Grande Riviere, Gros Islet that Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony should have allowed due process to take place and invite the British.

“There are criminals out there. There are murderers among us, and we need to know who those persons are,” Francis, the proposed National Security Minister, told UWP supporters.

The British Foreign Office had requested for Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony to waive the death penalty in the case of the murdered hotelier, which the Prime Minister refused to do and said it was “improper.”

Dr. Anthony was quoted by a British newspaper saying that Whitehall’s stipulation to send a squad only if Saint Lucia guarantees that it will not see capital punishment for the killers is illogical.

The Prime Minister had said no government can get into the business of bargaining as to the outcome of a criminal case.

While he declared his position on the matter, Dr. Anthony said he still supports the request made by Oliver Gobat’s parents for British officers to support with the investigation.

In November 2015, local police said that the lead person in the homicide investigation in Saint Lucia visited England to hold discussions with law enforcement officials there.

‎The police official had met with the head of the Surrey Police and an investigating team, to discuss the case in greater detail and to exchange information that could help to advance the investigations.

The then acting Police Commissioner, Errol Alexander, ‎had said that investigations might, however, “take us out of Saint Lucia,” while noting that no assistance was received from the British Government.

Gobat’s body was found in his Range Rover on Cap Estate on April 25, 2014, burnt beyond recognition.

His killing is thought to be related to a legitimate multi-million dollar property deal he was near in completing.




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  1. All u commenters missing the point...this is something that has been prolonging in St.lucià from the time cocomakaks got little sense,the very rich don't get investigated farless prosecuted for any crime in St.lucià,MONEY MAKES THE MARE FLY OUT HERE ESPECIALLY.those little kiss mi arse unintelligent police have no real police esteem to approach these ppl...for one our judiciary system is manipulated by wealth...I'm judging from the prolific files of this case that the perpetrator/s of this case seem like someone that's rubbing shoulders with ppl from all walks of high society.there will be no avail..and i'm betting that alot of them knows details of the scenario.


  2. will vote for the part who will allow the british to investigate who killed chereece benoit ...who killed the poor boy who attended sda ... who raped the number of females that are being raped lately...
    i understand the plight of this family my heart goes out to them but we cannot solve our own murders and cases i don't know how a politician can bring this to it's platform and make their supporters eat it...just for votes...:/


  3. This is what happens when you have lots of police who were great at talking and got promotions through the buddy systems when there were no proper processes in place. Of all the things to speak about is that case. you have to fix the foundation before you work on the roof.
    i still believe that the force has some dead weight that needs to go to improve the mindset, but there is very little in management that understands the modern day policing and resource management. there needs to be a lot of training and quick.

    Francis what you should have said was.....

    if i get elected, i will make sure that every police officer has a radio whilst on duty to communicate and to know whats happening so that they can be more efficient. Keep It Simple S....


  4. In light of our own inability to solve cases of serious crime here in Saint Lucia, it makes sense to accept any help we can get in an effect to solve not just the Gobat's case but all of the others which have all but disappeared. As for national interest I think that this present Government gets a fail mark, Period.

    We are being told of decrease in unemployment, but I want to know the nature of these new jobs. Are they seasonal, temporary or permanent.

    I say Fire the Government and if UWP gets elected and they do the same fire them too.


  5. Pure BS!

    It's a shame a governing body would lower themselves to that level to gain attention!


  6. Chastanet I think you ought to stop that man from talking stupidness now. He is now being observed by an educated public, and he needs to discuss the things he says on platform with the party first before talking marjee. This election is not about the same old, rum drinking conversation.

    We need serious answers and if people on your side keep talking about issues they dont understand, then its better to keep their mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open their mouth and remove all doubt. Time to reign in the stupid in your party.


  7. We have endless unsolved rapes, countless unsolved murders, a now shutdown FORENSIC lab, police demoralized from IMPACS and battling with crime, so where are we in St. Lucia?

    Sit down twiddle our thumbs invite tourists and investors in and expect them to come to St. Lucia with smiles on their faces? Something has to give as awkard as if nay seem. In this terrorists thing all countries even big ones cooperating and helping one another. They not ashame because is solve they want to solve crimes.

    That not hurting Dr. Anthony cause tourists or no tourists, investors or no investors he well made already. Look the other day he self say he will write and tell investors do not come to St. Lucia. Is that the actions of a sincere politician?


  8. Why do those politicians insist on misleading the people? The PM has never denied the British from investigating the matter. They wanted us to change our laws to suit them. Your statement should be "We will remove the death penalty from our books" Is that what you intend to do?


  9. He is confusing himself in that he wants to replace the Queen as head of state and St.Lucia become a republic,but yet still he wants the British police to investigate the killing of this young man? You can't have things both ways, if you want your independence you should be able to do things for yourself.


  10. Pure BS!
    How does that put food on the Table and Create Jobs for the Poor UWP supporters that you claim to love so much?

    Undermining the competency of the St. Lucian Detectives/Police force on this matter will ultimately destroy you. And I hope if the UWP gets into office and see this through, that the whole Police Force RESIGNS.


    • of course you would say that, but don't you think that the state of our security is having an impact on our ability to attract the Foreign direct investment which will create the jobs and put food on our tables? the rule of law is as important as jobs, since most studies have shown a direct correlation.....besides why not waive the death penalty if no one has been hanged here in 20 or more years and even though we sentence folks to die they simply appeal until it reaches the privy council where it will get commuted to a life sentence... lol you labour hacks just running out of ideas and excuses, jobs, jobs, jobs are very important but so is living in a country peaceful enough to enjoy the fruits of those jobs


      • Well then your party shouldn't have created "ORC" which was blatant violation on human rights and caused us such Distress.


        • ORC was never the issue, the inquests were done and the kill7ngs found to be justified.....however if there was new evidence to suggest that they were indeed extrajudicial, there are mechanisms to reopen the inquests and the new facts be considered. However your super lawyer leader chose a route that he thought woukd have allowed him to make countless political mileage with this, he even changed laws to allow impacs to happpen.....in the end his attempt to gain political mileage backfired ......but a hack like you wont see it so, cause the country nice and you love the dear leader lol. Kenny is the one who created the issue, it is he alone who saw the death list and he alone who knows the content of his report so blame him


          • So in your mind, "Impacs" is all made-up.
            Nothing happened to create "Impacs." Lol.

            I now see how mentally sick the "Yellow Party" and its supporters are 🙂

            However, It must be noted that the "Yellow Party" doesn't build anything but Destroy.

            I humbly sympathize with you all.


      • Afan, spot on.

        Get rid of the Death Penalty!

        You won't because you use the Privy Council as the ultimate, which the Privy Council is British and will ALWAYS overturn a death penalty...... POLITRICKS to highest degree...

        We're not so easily fooled any more.


    • Have to disagree on your second point buddy.

      No disrespect to RSPLF detectives but they themselves know, that case is out of their crime solving jurisdiction no pun intended.

      It's not about undermining them, there are cases they need help with and this one they DEFINITELY NEED the help.


  11. Sentence 1, states if UWP is elected they will allow the Brits to investigate.

    Sentence 2, “…..he is not sure why the current Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony is against it…”

    Sentence 4, “…..which the Prime Minister refused to do and said it was “improper.”

    Surely Mr. Francis you’ve answered your own question/statement, the PM doesn’t want the Brits to investigate because of the stipulation Whitehall made with regards to the Death Penalty being waivered.

    And you’re a former Deputy Police Chief, Lord help us!

    Now, does this mean the UWP if elected into office will bow to Whitehall and waiver the Death Penalty for assistance from MI5, MI6, Surrey and or Scotland Yard???

    If yes, how do you propose selling this to the St Lucian people, ok we’ll waiver it for this case but not others!

    Guys before you’ll go on a political platform and make statements, do you actually get someone else (Campaign Manager maybe) to look over what you will be saying on the platform???

    That statement has actually raised more questions.


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