UWP well-positioned to win next election – MP Joseph

UWP well-positioned to win next election – MP Joseph


Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East Guy Joseph has said his party is fully prepared to take on the other parties and retain governance of Saint Lucia.

Joseph said the perception of division and disunity is normal for any party which is going through a restructuring process and this is not an issue that could affect their chances of winning the next elections.

“The party has restructured and is well prepared to govern,” he asserted.

The MP said when one looks at the performance of the UWP administration against the background of the worst financial crises and all development; it is enough to vote UWP.

“90 percent of what has happened in terms of development can be attributed to the UWP,” he stated.

Joseph said the UWP has a track record of performance every time in government, regardless of the circumstances, the economy has always performed well under their leadership.

The UWP lost the 2011 elections to the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).


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  1. Guy can you truthfully say how many capital projects that were completed by the U.W.P when you all were in office? Let the labour administration records speaks for itself.Its there for anyone to check.Look around.It benefit all persons red or yellow. Party has been structured is a plain joke.We all know the truth.


  2. Choopppss only in y'all dreams. SLP already has seven (7) sure seats. Vfort South, vfort north, soufriere, dennery north, Castries east, Castries south, Laborie. All they need is two more to get nine and form the next government after the next elections. Out of the remaining ten they could win any two or all seven. Real talk. Chastenet cannot even win a seat farless an election. Uwp doesn't have a winning or winnable team. A Uwp with Stephenson king and Richard Frederick would have given SLP a run for their money. Next elections 2021 maybe. Bye .


  3. I for sure dont want the reds to govern because no party could be worst than what we have now. if i had any doubts about that, the reds have made that clear over and over again. i will not waste a vote on them fellas. a bunch that cannot be trusted. they show st lucia this over and over in broad day light. impacs- nothing done. economy nothing done. diplomatic bobol nothing done. youth employment. zero. crime. nothing done. tell me why we voted them fellas again? oh i forgot we didn't actually vote them! they stole the last election. time for them to go. bah bye!


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