UWP: We need the truth behind government’s fiscal crisis

UWP: We need the truth behind government’s fiscal crisis

Saint Lucians earlier this week witnessed on their televisions the SLP deputy Political Leader and Government Minister with a “fairy tale” act in which he declared that his Government was recently forced to borrow to pay Public Servants salaries. Without presenting any evidence Mr. Pierre went on the blame to last Government for the current crisis facing the Kenny Anthony Administration.

It comes with some curiosity that Mr. Pierre and his Government are only discovering now after eight (8) months in power that they inherited an unhealthy financial situation. Saint Lucians who have witnessed the lavish indulgences of the Labour Government since assuming office should not buy into Mr. Pierre’s calculated offering. It should register as gross fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the Government that they would be engaged in the excesses of the past months with the knowledge that they were handed an empty treasury.

Minister Pierre should present Saint Lucians with the real truth on the economic sins of his Government which contributed to the current crisis which Saint Lucians are now reeling under. The truth is the current deepening economic crisis has been brought on by the signature Kenny Anthony approach of spending more than his Government is able to generate. This approach is clearly motivated by the factor of political patronage. This policy explains the existence of an oversized cabinet, the luxury of an inflated contingent to attend the London Olympics, a plethora of highly paid consultants within the structure of Government and job creation for former Government Ministers to name a few.

One wonders if the revelations made by Mr. Pierre over the weekend were not calculated to sway the minds of Public Servants in line with the intentions of his Government to grant them only three percent (3%) increase over a three year period, as recently articulated by the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Pierre would do better to advise his Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to reorganize Government’s priorities to enable them to adequately compensate Civil Servants and the assist in returning our Saint Lucian nursing students who are currently languishing in Cuba.

The UWP would like to advise Mr. Pierre that he should desist from engaging in the blame game and to instead shift their focus on delivering the ‘wish list’ inscribed in the “Blueprint for Growth”. The Labour Party Government should stop the politics of deceit and lead by example by subjecting themselves to prudent management of the country’s financial resources.


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