UWP wants commencement date for bridge rehabilitation projects

UWP wants commencement date for bridge rehabilitation projects

The United Workers Party (UWP) has requested “specific” information from the government on the upcoming rehabilitation projects on the Mocca and Deville Bridges in Soufriere.

Last week, a government release said that works would begin “very shortly” on the two bridges which are anticipated to yield a combined cost of $4.8 million.

The government had informed that the structures will be done “under a finance and build mechanism” in which the “repayment obligation will only commence after both bridges have been satisfactorily completed based on the technical and quality imperatives of the ministry of infrastructure.”

“The deputy prime minister again assured that all infrastructure projects to be undertaken by the government of Saint Lucia will be executed with the principles of accountability and transparency,” the government release said.

In a press release on Monday, the UWP posed questions to the St. Lucia Labour Party Administration asking for a direct time frame for the commencement of these projects.

“The United Workers Party is aware of the extreme discomfort and anxieties experienced by resident motorist and commuters as well as members of the general public as a result of the deplorable condition of these two bridges. The two bridges which are a vital infrastructural component of the communities of Mocca and Deville are extremely important in facilitating access to community and municipal resources and services,” the UWP said.

“In addition the poor condition of the two bridges has had the negative impact of cutting-off or restricting traditional family and social interaction between the various settlements. Of greatest concern is the fact that the safety and health standards of residents within these two communities are seriously compromised as emergency vehicles are unable to traverse the dysfunctional infrastructure to render critical services. The UWP therefore calls on the minister of infrastructure to provide specific information indicating timelines for actual commencement of work and the method to be employed for the award of the contract for construction of these vital bridges,” the party stated.

Moreover, the party called on government to disclose whether reports that a direct contract has already been awarded for these projects are true.

“The UWP is therefore calling on the minister responsible and the prime minister who is the minister of finance to clarify the status of the awarding of contracts for these two projects. We are also seeking assurances on the integrity of the related process. It is the hope of the United Workers Party that the award of contracts for these two projects will be subjected to an open tendering process in which qualified construction firms from across the island will be allowed the opportunity to make submissions for consideration,” the party said.

In addition, the UWP said, it is hopeful “that the minister will be disposed to clearing the air on whether or not the Government recently approved a direct award for construction of the Mocca and Deville Bridges in Soufriere. Disclosure on this matter is of particular interest given concerns expressed by members of the public regarding the over $6 million Bonne Terre Bridge which was commissioned through direct award.”


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  1. Lucian to the bone ,MJ and the rest, perhaps you all got the Rochamel monies and the direct award contracts so you have to protect you boys. That is why Kenny was put back in to stop the so call lack of accountability, but it look like for you all guy that ok since it is labour in office. Take a breath sit back and be sensible writers you all party hacks.


  2. Mr.Crow,
    You asked persons to read with an open mind and they will understand what alba is about,however,the analagy you gave to justify st.lucia joining alba is neither appropiate nor intelligent.(Winston Springer gave CTO and FOA,both were dumb analagies,you did likewise.)
    If you think the objectives of OPEC and ALBA/petro caribe are similar or comparable in any shspe or form,then you do not understand what you read.(do some work on your comprehension and higher level skills.See BLOOM's taxonomy)
    You asked what about ALBA they need answers for,here are a few.
    (1)Show me how joining ALBA is beneficial to ST.LUCIA ?
    (2)St.LUCIA will not purchase Venuzuela,s oil cheaper than Trinidad,s oil(OPEC sets the price of oil on the world market)do you think St.lucia should leave Trinidad,s oil(A reliable CARICOM partner)for venuzuela,s oil?
    (3)Do you think St.lucia should keep 40 or 60 % of venuzuela,s oil sales(their money),use it(it now becomes debt)and repair it at a later date with interest?
    (4)What will these loans be used for and what will the impact of these loans be on our GDP and our credit rating?
    (5)Are you comfortable with the clause that venuzuela can ask for the loan balance in full anytime it wants?
    (6)Are you aware that the opposition in Venuzuela has said that they will scrap this agreement and demand all monies owed to them in full anytime they form the government?(they lost the last election by half percent)Aren't you concerned about that?
    (7)Can you show how life in Dominica,Antigua and St.Vincent have improved due to membership in ALBA?Can you show any benefits?In fact,economic conditions have gotten worse.Their debt situation has gotten worse.Minister Fletcher admitted that.Did you know he said that?
    Since joining ALBA/petro caribe these countries have become poorer, where as the opposite was promised by their leaders.
    By the way,all OPEC countries have oil(economic power).What isST.lucia bringing to the ALBA table?
    Taking money
    previously sent to Trinidad and sending it to Venuzuala?


  3. Whiles he was minister of tourism it was under his government that these bridges fall apart why then didn't he see these and many more to be done, He needs to answer for the Taiwanese funds into Soufriere,the town council fund all the foundation moneys that was spent by litten lamontagne to bolster his candidate in Soufriere.


    • I agree that he should 1st answer about the Taiwanese funds but what does he hv to do with Mocca falling apart as minister of tourism. By the way the severity of Mocca became aparent in 2012.


  4. Look beyond the issue of actual commencement of work. The bigger issue is that of the process used for the awarding of contracts for construction of those two Bridges. PJP has been a strong opponent against the awarding of Direct Awards. I would be very concerned if it is confirmed that there was a Direct Award for these two Bridges under Mr. Pierre's watch.

    So lets hope that the Minister comes forward to clear the air. There have also been question about the granting of a contract for a Private Jet Facility at the Hewanorra International Airport. We need answers from this GOvernment: Airport Contracts, Grynberg, ALBA, ???? So many question but few answers


    • What about ALBA you need answers for? Please take a look at the following documents:


      2. http://www.networkideas.org/alt/dec2009/ALBA.pdf

      Read with an open mind and you will understand what ALBA is all about.

      Some of you may recall when OPEC was formed, the US, England, and other western states treated the founding members with the cynicism as they are currently treating ALBA . . . but OPEC lives today.


      • Good info Crow.
        But most here do not really want info on ALBA, they only want to use it as a boogeyman to scare people with.


  5. St lucia is way backwards, and I think no matter what supporter you are, if it's labour or UWP we should just work together to upgread our beautiful island.


    • I agree with you. Too much to be done (eg)the Tete Morne, Gia Bois,Balka Saltibus,Darban.Banse roads LORD HAVE MERCY LORNE ALVA AND KENNY HAVE MERCY.. HIGH TIME WE START PLANTING FLOWERS AND NAMING THESE CRATORS IN THEM ROADS LIKE THE RUSSIANS (EG)The Kenny and Tony Crator or The Lorne dem Down vehicle destruction road at Balka...


  6. in any democratic country,it is the explicit duty of the opposition parties to scrutinise government policies and actions on behalf of the citizens,well done chastanet,accounability an transparency must always prevail.


    • I agree that there must be accountability and transparency. But where was it all when flambeau and Chastanet himself signed the deal to allow Mondesir to bring in furniture for his Tuxedo Villas. The Court found him a "not credible" witness so what the hell is he talking about; don't preach accountability to us. It must start with you Chastanet. I say when you are in glass houses don't throw stones.


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