UWP upset with nomination day date change

UWP upset with nomination day date change
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Writs published in two local newspapers by the Electoral Commission indicates that there has been an amendment to nomination day, which is now Saturday May 28, 2016.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony had initially announced Friday, May 27, 2016 as the official nomination day.

The United Workers Party (UWP) has raised concerns in relation to this change, stating that it is an attack on religious freedom and proper consideration was not given to the issue.

Parliamentary representative for Castries South East, Guy Joseph, who happens to be a Seventh Day Adventist, views it as a disrespect for persons of religious faith.

Joseph said it shows Dr. Anthony’s lack of regard for people’s freedom to worship the God they choose.

“The concern for me is not whether I can go and get nominated or not, the issue is the bigger picture, that the Prime Minister of this country does not regard God and the religious faith of people of this country,” he stated.

The MP said his opponent, Joachim Henry, is also an adventist and questioned whether he was consulted.

Joseph also said the decision to amend the date, is a rejection of all Christian faiths.


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  1. That was another deliberate move to frustrate voters. Nomination Day is a Business. Since when Ministries and other government office open on Saturdays- expect police and hospitals. For the people out there supporting the SLP, just keep in mind that once Kenny is allow to do as he pleases, there will be no stopping him. If the people have their sabbath on that day- respect it. And for the Catholic, since when Sundays become your sabbath- yes you go to church and whatever, but are there any government businesses open on Sundays. That nonsense you all allowing in the name of politics will stop. God should never be played with and Sabbath ought to be respected by the State. Having political launches on Sundays or Saturdays are NOT Government Business- thats political party business. So stop being stupid and stop looking stupid in the wider world.


  2. Chastanet made a complete MOCKERY of the roman catholic faith and guy had NOTHING to say but has a problem with nomination day on a saturday when there are provisions in place that can make you nominate by proxy? SMH elevate your thinking people do not be swayed by ignorance!


  3. why is Guy Joseph complaining, as a child of God what does he have to do with politics. God never commissioned his children to be part of this evil system instead he has warned against being part of it . Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. You cannot serve God and mammon. Satan is the prince of this world. what has light to do with darkness. How can two walk together except they agree. what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and loose his soul. these are just some references we as children of God seem to have forgotten. A child of God has no place in this. So Guy and all the other Adventist need to reconsider who do they really serve.


  4. "the Prime Minister of this country does not regard God and the religious faith of people of this country.."

    You have rallies on Sundays. The PEOPLE of this country do not regard God but self.


    • Do you know that God and Politics does not interwine? If you are a christian, then you should stay out of political matters.


  5. Such hypocrisy! So what about all the launchings being done on a Sunday? Isn't that disrespecting the other denominations? Mapwee, voodoo, illegal contracts, red envelopes...I guess you were not an Adventist then. SMDH.


  6. Guy stop being a cry baby. If you have a job and you are required to work weekends you think your Employer will want to hear that you are an Adventist and cannot work? Get a life .You are one of the most vocal one in your party. I hope you are the first to go.

    You all were asking to call elections and now that the date has been set you all are crying wolf.


  7. To the Labour supporters , the best defence is no defence because u all know that what the wicked man is doing is not nice or good. Deep down in your'll heart u all know it is not good so instead of providing nonsense talk just choose not to respond.






  10. AAs a Seventh day Adventist myself, it is unconscionable that the PM would show such blatant disregard to the vast number of Sabbatarians who 'keep Saturday holy' as the Lord dictates.
    Exodus 20:8-10 (KJV) "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God."
    It is no secret that Kenny knows that, he has had many persons of the Adventists faith in his party, the Ramballys, Robert Lewis, Cyprian Lansiquot, Timothy Mangal as well now, Joachim Henry.
    First indiscretion was toward the students writing exams, now the Adventist religion, No Mr. PM, I'm sure you can do better than that. Please respect all Faiths and interest groups on the Island, we all have a stake in the wellbeing of St. Lucia. Please reconsider that decision for the interest of all St. Lucian.


  11. i want to ask guy if he call this an attack on religion he must look at his camp because 1) on Saturday the 4th June his camp has an activity and 2) the catholic faith should complain also for the actives on Sundays.


  12. Joachim, this is just the beginning of your party showing you how much the individual choices and faiths of their party dont matter to the man in charge. all must boy to that monkey. but your party has to let that tyrant GO if it really wants to win this election. because he is too condescending and disregarding of persons of this country. its shameful and it needs to stop.
    IT WILL stop on JUNE 6th 2016


  13. I'm so embarassed, as a UWP supporter I simply can 't come up with one reason why I should vote You guys in. Someone please Help!


  14. The signs are there, no caring person would make decisions like what is unfolding before our eyes. People make sure you don't forget to pray or meditate before you go out to vote on that day.


  15. Wasntt. He aware that he was a seventh day adventist when in 2006 through 2011 while minister of public works


  16. Sometimes I think mate secretly campaign for Labour. Anyway he was labour before flambeau.


  17. I hope Guy never broke the Sabbath for all tbe years he was elected. Cry baby. Crying for everything.


  18. guy u need to claim down urself becuz u have a problem with everything now....... you wanted the election u got it cant wait for june 6 for u to shut ur big mouth smfh


  19. Hello Kenny doesn't believe in God and he doesn't like adventists. Why do you think that he is always sending another Adventist to run against Guy. Clearly he thrives in a chaotic Environment where God is not respected or uplifted. In fact he seems to be promoting the agenda of the atheists (no prayer in parliament). How could any decent Christian not see his agenda? If he returns as PM Christians will surely feel the hands of the enemy especially those who for some hypocritical reason see him as the lesser evil.


  20. Kenny you are a snake you playing with the most high.Be careful with what you do God is not mock and he sees and knows everything.What seen impossible with man is possible with God. The battle is not ours to fight but the lord.More prayer more power


  21. Robert Lewis, as an adventist yourself, what is your opinion of the change to a Saturday? Would this decision have been made if you were a candidate? hmmm. As an undecided voter, I am not convinced that I should vote for petty politicians.


    • Robot Lewis you waiting for to make a statement on something? You have a lot of free time?


    • Why are people continuing to call on Robert for an opinion on anything. After two terms in office, you'll you not realized that Robert doe not give a damn about anything. You'll people slow?


  22. I am sure Jochim Henry was consulted, but it is alleged that most of the candidates in the SLP do not believe in God so they do not really care about Religion. Kenny's has a heart of stone hence the reason he does not think of other people's faith. He only cares about himself and to make things worse he smell his party will not form the next Government, so he will try anything so Guy and the rest must be alert


  23. They could not have given an extended day for registration after one of the 2 days being rained out but for no reason change the nomination date. The devil is in his backside.


  24. You can jump and shout and cry all you want, it wont matter.
    You must understand one thing:- you don't know what or who
    you all dealing with; it is beyond your understanding (simpletons).
    That date, was chosen by the Boss X 1/2----in Trinidad. Open your eyes.
    She researched, and came up with what she thinks, suits the occasion.
    6/6/2016----- ( analyse that ) if only you can. To come up with what
    to some seems to be a magical number or date, can blow up in some
    faces. Do not let your heart be worried: God is not to be mocked.
    Hello, hello, some very big surprises coming up; trust me. TRUST IN GOD.


  25. The way things shaping up and Kenny so desperate SLP bound to play their 18 candidate. Mr. Tricks.


  26. Indeed it is ashame if this story is true. Due consideration should be given to all faiths . In the spirit of tolerance and respect for all. Sigh.


  27. It's about time St. Lucians stand up for their rights. Absolutely no consideration for persons, whose Sabbath day is on a Saturday!


    • Stop intertwining God and Politics, both dont go together. If you are a true christian, leave politics alone and serve only one. GOD!!!