UWP to SLP: Stop the propaganda!

UWP to SLP: Stop the propaganda!


PRESS RELEASE – The United Workers Party wishes to alert the public, particularly our civil servants to be aware of a propaganda correspondence from an operative of the Labour Party, aiming to create panic among them.

The propaganda claims that the UWP will take austerity measures against them when elected. This is nothing short of heartlessness by this callous Labour operative to use our hard-working civil servants in their political mischief and is patently untrue.

The Labour Government has never been nice to our civil servants. They will remember that it was Kenny Anthony’s Labour Government that recently attempted to secretly cut their salaries by 5 percent.

They were then subsequently forced to accept a salary freeze. Further, it must not be forgotten that it is the Labour Government that constantly overlooks career civil servants for senior positions within the service and parachutes their political operatives into these top positions.

Again, it was the Labour Government under the leadership of Kenny Anthony that made civil servants entering the service after 2003 non-pensionable.

Further still, our police officers have been demoralized; thanks to Kenny Anthony and his reckless statement concerning them in his public address on the IMPACS Report. Finally, let us not forget that it was Kenny Anthony that referred to civil servants as being unproductive.

This is in direct contrast to UWP Governments that have always sought after the interest of our civil servants. We provided them with a 14.3 percent salary increase – the highest recorded increase they have ever received.

And we are on record as filling the top civil service positions with our career civil servants. We want to assure all civil servants that we will continue our distinguished record of looking after their best interests when we form the next Government.

Finally, the UWP calls upon the operatives of the Labour Government to stop harassing our civil servants in your scramble for political gain. The UWP believes that this latest Labour  propaganda should be the last straw to break the little trust that our civil servants have left in this Labour Government and is further proof that the SLP is desperate enough to resort to anything to hold onto to the reins of power.


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  1. The father of UWP's Political Leader, Allan Chastenet, is one of the key financiers and power brokers within the UWP. He has been absolutely clear, in his utterings and rants, what he feels about the Public Service. It is public record that Allan Chastenet wants the Public Service cut and a lot of the services the Central Government is offering past on to the Private Sector. An example is the Supply Warehouse where the importation and sale of flour, rice and sugar is managed; he has time and time again requested of the Central Government to past these operations to the Private Sector.

    Add the promise made by the UWP Political Leader and son of Allan Chastenet, Allen "Ti Pwen Tout" Chastenet to firstly reduce VAT and remove it completely, in his FIVE-TO-KILL plan (remember VAT collections is key source of funds for payment of salaries and wages to public servants), and you come to the ineluctable conclusion that there is indeed huge inherent risk that the Public Service be slash if the UWP is elected to office.


  2. 300 million? Ambulances have no oxygen, not a proper hospital in our capital, schools in disarray. Let some of that money go back in the people's pocket. Our children are hungry. Imagine people are dying when they have to.


    • VAT is indeed the main source of funds for payment of salaries and wages to public servants and other operating expenses. Our monthly bill for salaries and wages is close to $22 million. Do the maths and you will understand.


  3. so who are filling the positons , are hey foreigners . the uwp has no clue as to what to do , so like the saying goes, a drowning man will grab at a straw, that's uwp


  4. If Allen Chastanet, can opened his mouth and RANT ABOUT VAT REMOVAL, what do you think he meant?

    To whom would he go to get the monies to pay Civil Servants etc?

    He would have to go to the IMF. And what does the IMF do? Install Austerity measures to rebuild an economy that our Supreme Leader – Dr. Kenny D Anthony and the Superior Party – SLP, has built.

    It’s NOT Rocket Science.

    So Allen knows the Inferiority complex that dwells within his own party and supporters, so he throws anything CRAZINESS in mix.


    • are you implying that VAT is what pays civil servants?
      but what about the increase in import charges. a 1 percent increase in excise tax.
      that statement of superior party you talk there is just hogwash. a party is as strong as its members.whichever party it is. anyways stop the partizan behaviour and think for yourself. not what you hear on political platforms. YOU SHOULD BE SUPERIOR YOURSELF


      • If you're a Teacher, then no wonder our education system keeps on failing.
        How did you get employed in such a field?


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