UWP to roll out “Take Care of Our Children” campaign

UWP to roll out “Take Care of Our Children” campaign

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The United Workers Party (UWP) plans to continue pressing the government to change its policies and to create some level of assistance to the citizenry, particularly children and single mothers.

As such, the UWP will be rolling out a campaign dubbed “Take Care of our Children” to encourage the government to increase the subsidy for the School Feeding and School Transportation Programmes.

“If you go around the streets today, you will see a number of kids who are not attending school. I think if the government were to release the statistics on attendance, I have to imagine that attendance is down considerably,” Police Leader of the UWP Allen Chastanet stated.

Chastanet said the previous UWP administration granted $5 million annually in subsidies towards the school feeding and school transportation programmes, but the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government reduced these subsidies to $3 million.

The UWP leader is now urging government to increase this by a further $3 million.

While the party leader did not provide any further details about this new campaign, he said the general public will be notified of the overall objective of the campaign and the commencement date.

Chastanet told the media today (Nov.2) that the protest march held on October 22, saw protesters urging the government to restore the subsidies for these important programmes.

According to him, the march was also used to call on the government to reverse the decision to increase the fees at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) and on the vehicles license fees.

While critics have said that the march did not attract a large crowd as the previous march held in January of this year, Chastanet said even if there were a few persons at the march, it would have been enough to send a message to the government that things are not right in the country.

Chastanet said he is convinced that Saint Lucians are angry and tired of the failed promises for a better life and more jobs and said the UWP recognizes that the SLP administration continues to be a “tax and spend government.”

He believes that the country is in a deep depression and the government seems to not be addressing those issues at all, with any sense of urgency.


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