UWP supports government healthcare plans

UWP supports government healthcare plans
Owen King EU Hospital
Owen King EU Hospital

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The United Workers Party supports this government’s plans for healthcare in Saint Lucia as announced last night by Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet, Minister for Health Hon. Mary Isaac and Minister for Economic Development Hon. Guy Joseph.

We are convinced that the deplorable state which has existed in Saint Lucia for many years is now receiving the much needed attention which has been so desperately needed.

St. Jude Hospital

In addressing the St. Jude Hospital problem the government has done its due diligence and is taking all the prudent measures to continue the project and provide the best possible facility to deal with the healthcare needs of the people of the south, and by extension, the people of Saint Lucia.

We are pleased about the construction of a new wing which will modernize the facility making it a hospital of the 21st century.

OKEU Hospital

In maximizing the quality of services at the OKEU Hospital we are pleased at the methodical way in which the government has approached finding the best solution for the management and rendering of healthcare services at that institution. Judging by the haphazard manner in which this was approached previously, we feel confident that the final decision will be in the best interest of all Saint Lucians.

National Healthcare

The government’s move in the direction of a National Health Insurance plan is a bold move and in the best interest of all Saint Lucians.

The announced details allow all Saint Lucians the benefit of modern medical care.

We are particularly pleased by the fact that the poor, unemployed, and other lower income persons will be covered by this national health insurance plan. It is undeniable that early healthcare will make the people this country better able to take preventive measures for their health and wellbeing, which will reduce complications and the diagnosis of serious conditions when it is too late.

This UWP administration has been, and continues to be, transparent with the people of Saint Lucia and information has been forthcoming as needed.

We are confident this government has continued to make the best decisions for healthcare for the people of Saint Lucia, and that a modern St. Jude Hospital, a properly managed OKEU hospital, and national health Insurance will be delivered to the people of Saint Lucia before the end of this term in office.


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